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Jan Brewer

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Andrea Mitchell on Arizona Bill: 'States Cannot Take These Kinds of Actions and Expect to Do it With Impunity'

Talking to Democratic Senator Patty Murray during her noontime MSNBC show on Thursday, host Andrea Mitchell gloated over Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoing a proposed religious freedom law in ...
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Networks Tout 'Cheering Protesters' Celebrating Veto of 'Anti-Gay' Arizona Bill

After spending days denouncing a religious freedom bill in Arizona as "anti-gay," all three network morning shows on Thursday hailed protester celebrations following Governor Jan Brewer ...
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Networks Turn Up the Heat on Arizona: When Will Governor 'Finally Kill' 'Anti-Gay' Bill?

On Tuesday, all three network morning shows touted "pressure mounting from all sides" for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto an "anti-gay" bill designed to protect religious freedom. On NBC's ...
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MSNBC's Hayes Sees 'Ridiculous Clownish Antics' in GOP, Lauds Brewer for 'Put[ting] Down the Clown Horn'

On Friday's All In show, MSNBC host Chris Hayes compared conservatives to clowns as he praised Republican Governor Jan Brewer for breaking ranks with conservatives and pushing for the ...
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Jan Brewer Smacks Down Piers Morgan: 'You Don't Know What I Was Saying' to Obama on the Tarmac

CNN's Piers Morgan told Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.) that she was "threatening all sorts of things" against President Obama when they had their controversial meeting on the airport tarmac in January. ...
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Obama's Latino Landslide?

It seemed like someone had been inhaling something at CNN on Friday morning. They kept touting an upcoming interview: “Barack Obama could win the presidential election by a landslide. Op-ed ...
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NBC's Gregory Hits Jan Brewer: 'Are You Showing Disrespect for the Office of the Presidency?'

Concluding a dramatically slanted discussion on immigration on Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, host David Gregory grilled Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on a recent argument with President Obama and ...
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