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Jake Tapper Grills White House on 'Cynical' Gay Marriage Dodge; ABC Ignores

ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper on Monday grilled the White House press secretary over Barack Obama's position on gay marriage and whether he will change his stance after the 2012 election. ...
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Rick Warren Smacks Down ‘Disingenuous’ Media for ‘Bait and Switch’ Exploitation of Christian Holidays

When ABC’s Jake Tapper held up Andrew’s Sullivan’s “Forget the Church, Follow Jesus” Newsweek cover story on how, as Tapper described Sullivan’s premise, “American Christianity is in a ...
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NBC's Today Continues to Skip Absurd Example of Government Waste in Obama's Government

The Today show on Friday continued to ignore an embarrassing example of government waste during Barack Obama's tenure. ABC, CBS and NBC's Nightly News, however, have all highlighted the ...
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Jake Tapper Tosses Softballs to Clinton, ABC Spikes Obama's Bad Week at the Supreme Court

Good Morning America offered another typical softball session with Bill Clinton on Monday to promote his latest Global Initiative meeting, but since using George Stephanopoulos might seem too ...
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ABC Again Skimps on 2012 Coverage; Tapper: Race Is Obama Vs. 'Conservative Businessman'

For the third day in a row, an absent George Stephanopoulos prompted ABC's Good Morning America to provide skimpy coverage of the GOP presidential race. While CBS This Morning devoted nine ...
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Jake Tapper Lashes Out: Santorum 'Committed Political Malpractice' With His 'Horrible' Debate

An unusually harsh Jake Tapper on Thursday lashed out at Rick Santorum, mocking the Republican's "horrible" debate performance. The ABC journalist appeared on Good Morning America and ...

Media Negative throughout Nearly Four Years of Job Growth

By predicting job losses, focusing on layoffs and ignoring job revisions the media have cast a pall over the U.S. economy.
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