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CNN Gives Obama a Pass Amidst Major Coverage of His Leno Interview

CNN had extensive coverage on Wednesday of President Obama's interview with NBC's Jay Leno, but only two CNN hosts actually challenged some of the President's claims during the 11 different ...
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CNN Hypes Christie-Obama 'Bromance' as President Tries to Divert Attention from Scandals

As CBS and NBC both touted President Obama's Tuesday visit to New Jersey, so too did CNN hype Obama's "bromance" with Governor Chris Christie as the President tried to step away from ...
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CNN Drags Its Feet Reporting Eric Holder Approved Seizure of Fox Reporter's E-Mails, Phone Records

News broke on Thursday that Attorney General Eric Holder approved the Justice Department's seizure of a Fox News reporter's private e-mails, but it took CNN until almost 5 p.m. ET Friday to ...
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Jake Tapper Slams Obama Admin for Treatment of Fox News Reporter

CNN's Jake Tapper took Obama's Justice Department to task on his Wednesday afternoon show, sounding alarm over the "precedent" that the administration's investigation of Fox News reporter ...
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CNN Barely Mentioned Gosnell Trial for Weeks; Spent 45 Times More Coverage on Brad Paisley-LL Cool J Song

From the beginning of the Kermit Gosnell trial on March 18 until April 12, CNN devoted exactly 24 seconds to the the former abortionist's clinic of horrors. In contrast, the network spent over ...
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Jake Tapper the Only CNN Anchor to Discuss Fox News Reporter's Plight for Not Giving Up Her Source

A Fox News reporter faces jail time for not giving up her sources in a story on the Aurora shooting, but CNN host Jake Tapper is the only anchor or reporter at the network to mention her ...
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Networks Ignore Obama's False Claim About 'Fully-Automatic Weapon' Used at Newtown

The Big Three networks' Friday morning newscasts all highlighted the "backlash" over President Obama's "best-looking attorney general in the country" compliment of California's Kamala Harris. But ...
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Selective Outrage? CNN Briefly Mentions Obama Gun Gaffe; Jumps All Over 'Best-Looking' Compliment

Host Jake Tapper was the only CNN reporter or anchor to cover President Obama's blunder that the gun used in the Sandy Hook shooting was an automatic weapon, and not semi-automatic. Meanwhile, ...
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At ABC, Wanting More Guns Is 'Controversial' But Obama Pushing Gun Control Is Just News

For ABC's Good Morning America, favoring more guns on the streets is "controversial" but President Obama's plea for gun control is simply news. "Those who argue that the best way to stop mass ...
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Only ABC Highlights Obama's Flip-Flop on a Budget Solution That Doesn't 'Hike' Tax Rates

One year ago, Barack Obama backed a budget solution that would not "hike" tax rates. Now, the President rejects this plan, an apparent flip-flop only ABC's Jake Tapper reported. House Speaker John ...
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