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Wishful Thinking on Obama-Care and Alan Simpson, Undeniable Conservative

Hopeful on health care? Reporter David Kirkpatrick on the Times' latest "Political Points" podcast: "And if they capture Osama bin Laden we might actually get a health-care bill this year."

Where Is McCain's Apology? NYT Lead Pushes Obama to Break No-Tax Hike Pledge

The Times fiercely attacked Republicans during the 2008 campaign for daring to suggest Obama might raise taxes on people making under $250,000 a year. Today, reporter Jackie Calmes encourages him ...

Jackie Calmes Twice Sees an Obama Goal of Budget 'Austerity'

No wonder it's so hard to cut federal spending: A limited "spending freeze" of $250 billion over three years, out of a 2001 budget of $3.8 trillion, is twice trotted out as a radical "austerity" ...

Jackie Calmes, Who Praised Obama's Expensive Stimulus, Suddenly Selling Him as Deficit Hawk on Eve of SOTU

On the eve of President Obama's first State of the Union, Jackie Calmes' front-page story credulously focuses on Obama's sudden pivot to deficit hawk without once mentioning the probable cause of ...

Jackie Calmes Pities Obama's Full Plate, Again Lauds His 'Stimulus' Package

The world keeps intruding as Mr. Obama tries to execute his promised pivot" on the economy. But one of those intrusions is Obama's own health care agenda.

Don't Worry, Obama Fans, It's Still All Bush's Fault

Jackie Calmes: "The president's pique at Republicans was evident before Wednesday's meeting, after 10 months in which they have opposed all of his major initiatives to address the problems he ...

Times Lead Story: Economists Say Stimulus Is Working, Dems Jump for Joy

Democrats love a Times' lead story suggesting most economists think the stimulus is working - and that we also need another one.

'Stimulus' Not a Failure, Says Jackie Calmes and Pro-Obama Economist

Without explanation, Jackie Calmes relayed claims from "most economists" that the stimulus has actually been a success, or at least not a "failure," and quoted in support unlabeled pro-Obama ...

Anti-Obama GOP Reduced to Rural Conservatives Who Watch Fox News

Jackie Calmes finds the GOP dominated by a rump group of conservative Southerners who take orders from cable: "They are largely reduced to the party's base of mostly Southern and rural states and ...

Reporter Says GOP Misleads on Public Option Consequences - But Paul Krugman Agrees with Them

Jackie Calmes tries to calm conservative fears that the "public option" on health care would drive private health insurers out of business. Yet Times liberal columnist Paul Krugman would welcome ...
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