NBC Relays Palestinian 'Propaganda' from Bethlehem During Christmas

On Saturday's NBC Nightly News, as he recounted Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem, correspondent Martin Fletcher relayed Palestinian complaints about Israel.

Schultz Derides GOP 'Fearmongering' on Iran As Panetta Hints at Military Strike

On Monday's The Ed Show, MSNBC host Ed Schultz accused Republican presidential candidates of "fearmongering" on the issue of the danger posed by a nuclear Iran.

Inflating Gingrich's Israel Support to 'Damaging,' Distracting' Diplomatic Drama

Newt Gingrich's criticism of the Israel-Palestinian "peace process" "has the potential to be a distraction to his surging campaign." But isn't it popular with conservatives and conservative ...

Bronner Really Reaches to Bolster Obama's Pro-Israel Credentials

Today's big story: An online poll? "Moreover, the sense over the past two years that President Obama was growing angry with Israel and steering American policy away from its interests subsided ...

Jerusalem Bureau Chief Bronner Accused of Conflict of Interest with...Israeli Rightist?

A left-wing blogger/journalist calls out Ethan Bronner for his tie to a PR firm run by an alleged "Zionist." But excessive sympathy for the state of Israel is one thing that Bronner cannot be ...

Wolf Blitzer Bemoans Perry's 'Undermining' of Obama UN Address

CNN's Wolf Blitzer fretted over Rick Perry blasting Obama's foreign policy soon before the President was to deliver his address to the United Nations. CNN analyst David Gergen agreed with him, ...

Andrea Mitchell Laments Palestinian Statehood Fight Spoiling Obama's Libya 'Victory Lap'

Reporting on President Obama speaking at the United Nations for Wednesday's NBC Today, chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell sympathetically declared: "Preparing for today's speech, ...

MSNBC Blames Conservative Israelis for No Peace, Frets Over 'Dangerous' Christian Right

On Wednesday's Last Word on MSNBC, substitute host Chris Hayes blamed conservative Israelis like Prime Minister Netanyahu for the absence of peace with the Palestinians.

Friedman Goes Sarcastic on Rush's Climate Skepticism, Confesses to Obama Vote; Anti-Obama Jews Full of 'Crap'

Friedman also said American Jews calling Obama anti-Israel is "pure crap," on a lively edition of Charlie Rose.

NYT's Middle East Morality: Israel Border Defense Makes Front Page, Mass Syrian Massacres on A-12

While Israel's armed response to the attempted invasion on its border with Syria made Monday's front page, Syrian authorities themselves have slaughtered over 1,000 of its rebelling citizens, ...
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