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Obama Scolds 'Incorrigible' NBCer Chuck Todd for Asking Too Many Questions About Mideast Failures

During a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, President Obama lectured NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd for asking too many ...
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NYT Mag Cover Story Admires Stone-Throwing Palestinian Protests in a West Bank Village

The 8,000-word New York Times magazine cover by Ben Ehrenreich is an admiring profile of purportedly "non-violent" protests put on by the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. Among the striking ...
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NBC's Gregory to Israeli Ambassador: Will Obama Be 'Rock Star' in Israel?

In an interview with Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren for NBC's online Meet the Press: Press Pass, which is also aired by some NBC-owned stations following Meet the Press on Sundays, moderator ...
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Will Oscar Give Israel a Black Eye?

Two anti-Israel documentaries nominated for Academy Award.  
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Jerusalem Bureau Chief Worried Israelis Aren't Listening to Left-Wing Movie Advocating Withdrawal

Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren, who has courted controversy from pro-Israel conservatives during her brief tenure, expressed concern over the muted reception in Israel to a new ...
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NYT's East Africa Reporter Works in Bizarre Shot at Israel's Alleged Exploitation of Holocaust Guilt

What? The Times' East Africa bureau chief Jeffrey Gettleman: "Again, like Israel, Rwanda has succeeded in leveraging the guilt that other countries feel for not intervening in its genocide -- in ...
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ABC Relays More Terrorist Spin: 'Gazans Simply Defending Themselves'

On Tuesday's World News, ABC correspondent Alex Marquardt again forwarded terrorist propaganda rationalizing the firing of rockets into Israel as he repeated claims -- which he attributed vaguely ...
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NBC's Williams Frets Over a 'Lop-Sided Fight' Between Israel and Gaza

Leading off Monday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams wrung his hands over Israel suffering fewer casualties than Gaza in the ongoing Mideast conflict: "It is a lop-sided fight right now, ...
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New York Times: 'Experts' (?) Say Israel Must Admit 'Historic Grievances' of Terrorist Group Hamas

Former Times Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner: "Many analysts and diplomats outside Israel say the country today needs a different approach to Hamas and the Palestinians based more on ...
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ABC Relays Terrorist Claim Israel Provoked Hamas Rocket Attacks

On Friday's World News on ABC, correspondent Alex Marquardt relayed without question a claim by "one of the militant groups behind" the rocket attacks on Israel that they "wouldn't fire ...
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