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Roger Cohen to Israel: 'What Is the Problem' in Talking to Terrorist Group Hamas?

Talking to Charlie Rose, Times columnist Roger Cohen again downplayed Israel's security fears, urged them to talk to the anti-Israeli terrorist group Hamas, and insisted the U.S. pursue engagement ...

Ron Paul Warns of Violence from Pending Dollar Crisis; Says Israel Strike on Iran the Trigger

Host Beck says left, media would blame right for 'any kind of violence.'

Pro-Iran Columnist Roger Cohen Excuses Iran's Malfeasance

From the columnist who argued that Jews had it pretty well in Iran, comes this flowery excuse: "Like many much-conquered countries, not least Italy, Iran loves artifice, the dressing-up of truth ...

CNBC's Terranova: Missile Defense Decision Will Send Oil Higher

'Fast Money' panelist explains the Obama decision combined with the Oct. 1 meeting with the Iranians will upset Israel and thus send the price of crude up.

Glossing Over Real Issues of Nazi-Era Enthusiast Working for Anti-Israel Group

Human Rights Watch staffer Marc Garlasco, author of many reports hostile to Israel, was suspended after revelations he is an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia. The Times portrays Garlasco as a ...

Times Soft-Pedals Palestinian Conference Paying Paranoid Tribute to Terrorist Arafat

A Times photo caption pays nauseating tribute to terrorist Yasir Arafat, the subject of a Fatah conference in Bethlehem: "A mural of Yasir Arafat smiled upon Gaza City, and his spirit dominated ...

Israel "Finally" Coming Around "Grudgingly" to Palestinian State

Israel not giving in to demands for Palestinian statehood quick enough for Times reporter Isabel Kershner.

Surprise: Times Reporter Calls Hezbollah a Terrorist Group

Someone call Executive Editor Bill Keller - he recently termed such labeling "sloppy journalism."

Naive Roger Cohen Finally Wakes Up to Iran's Perfidy

After months of defending Iran and criticizing Israel, Roger Cohen looks at the election farce and admits: "I erred in underestimating the brutality and cynicism of a regime that understands the ...

Obama's Muslim Outreach Bears Fruit in Lebanon's Elections - Maybe Iran Too!

Michael Slackman, whose previous reporting focused on how much the Muslim world hated America, finds the Obama administration winning hearts and minds and even elections: "There were many domestic ...
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