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Times Tanks Ireland's 'Austerity'-Based Recovery: It 'Looks to be Short-lived'

No room for optimism for reporter Liz Alderman in Ireland: "But the effects of austerity have pummeled Ireland's fragile economy, leaving scars that are likely to take years to heal. Nearly 40,000 ...

Giddy NBC: 'Irish Eyes Are Smiling' on Obama and His 'Community Organizer' Ancestors

On Monday's Today on NBC, correspondent Norah O'Donnell excitedly touted President Obama's stop in Ireland on his latest European trip as she proclaimed: "The Irish eyes are smiling today as this ...

From Krugman's Column to the Front Page: Ireland's 'Austerity' Is Killing the Recovery

Liz Alderman wonders why Europe won't listen to Obama's wisdom: "The Group of 20 leaders [are] vowing to make deficit reduction the top priority despite warnings from President Obama that too much ...

Ireland's 'Harshest Budget' Leaves No One 'Unscathed,' Reads Alleged News Story

Sarah Lyall reacts badly to spending cuts in Dublin. Confiscatory tax hikes are far more palatable to the Times' liberal world view.

"Unconscionable...Ungrateful Irish" Reject EU Treaty

Roger Cohen indulges in a wee bit of stereotyping about Ireland's former status as a "beer-soaked backwater" and suggests the EU should use trickery to get the thing passed over Ireland's ...
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