CBS's Logan Relays Concerns U.S. Troops Withdrawing Too Soon in Iraq

On Monday's CBS Evening News, Lara Logan relayed concerns that U.S. troops in Iraq may be pulling back too quickly: "Off camera, several senior Iraqi officers told us they would have liked to have ...

Obama's Muslim Outreach Bears Fruit in Lebanon's Elections - Maybe Iran Too!

Michael Slackman, whose previous reporting focused on how much the Muslim world hated America, finds the Obama administration winning hearts and minds and even elections: "There were many domestic ...

David Shuster Rages Over Hypocrite Cheney's Attacks on Obama

"MSNBC News Live" co-host David Shuster slammed Dick Cheney on Tuesday's program as a hypocrite, complaining, "Your Iraq war inflamed the Muslim world, bred a new generation of terrorists who hate ...

Battlin' Joe Biden Claims He Came Under Enemy Fire in Bosnia

Bosnia joins Afghanistan and Iraq among the countries in which Vice President Biden claims to have come under enemy fire.

Democrats Show 'Growing Unease' With Obama's Wars

The Times played down liberal dissent on his sudden reversal on the release of "detainee abuse" photos, but they published a whole story on liberal Democrats developing an "unease" for Obama's wars.

Assaulting Bush in Phony War Over "Academic Freedom"

Magazine writer James Traub uses left-wing controversy over plans for a Bush presidential center at Southern Methodist University to talk another assault on Bush's legacy.

Good Riddance to Bush's "Ideological Certainties," Says David Sanger

Reporter David Sanger used Obama's inaugural address to regret how Bush "went to war in the Middle East but rejected the shared sacrifice of conservation."

Inauguration Hypocrisy: NYT Chided Bush Gala, but Obamans Free to Party

What happened to the paper's 2005 anti-Bush criticism of a "lavish inaugural celebration in a time of war"?

Reviewer: Reporter David Sanger's Book Sure to Infuriate Rove, Bill O'Reilly

A reviewer on reporter David Sanger's anti-Bush book: "These unvarnished conclusions by Mr. Sanger will of course confirm the perfidy that Karl Rove and Bill O'Reilly presume lies in the black ...

Putting the Boot In: Iraq Attack Kicks Off Front-Page Mockery of Bush

The editorial board blog harrumphs: "But we hope Mr. Bush does not only see the incident as a source of endless 'shoe' jokes." So why did the paper use the incident to mock Bush?
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