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CBS Promotes Berkeley Fourth Graders Demanding the Return of Deported Classmate

On Sunday's CBS Evening News, John Blackstone spotlighted the sob story of fourth graders who are lobbying President Obama to allow the return of their former classmate, Rodrigo Guzman, who was ...
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MSNBC's Wagner and Joy Reid Giddy Over GOP 'Alienating People of Color, Immigrants'

On Tuesday's The Last Word on MSNBC, substitute host Alex Wagner and MSNBC contributor Joy Reid rejoiced over the prospect of Republicans "alienating" minorities as Wagner devoted a segment to the ...
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NY Times' Parker on 'Nasty' Immigration Debate and Sen. Jim DeMint, the 'Smiling Assassin'

Times reporter Ashley Parker: "...[Sen. Jim] DeMint] earned a reputation as something of a smiling assassin -- a mild-mannered legislator with a soft Southern drawl who could be a ...
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Eleanor Clift: Call Them Undocumented, Illegal Aliens is 'Offensive'

Newsweek's Eleanor Clift, on Sunday's The McLaughlin Group, slammed the host for daring to use the term "illegal alien" in discussing the new proposed immigration bill. In her first chance to ...
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Ex-Newsweek Editor Howard Fineman Worries Boston Will Allow 'Nativist' GOP to Block Immigration

Former Newsweek editor Howard Fineman on Monday predictably worried that Republican "nativism" in the wake of the Boston bombing will imperil the chances of immigration reform passing. While ...
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Trip Gabriel's Hostile Trip to a 'White, Ethnic' Enclave of Pennsylvania 'Insensitive' to Illegal Immigrants

New York Times reporter Trip Gabriel sniffs the air in a former Pennsylvania coal town that was among the first to try and "make life difficult for illegal immigrants": "Hazleton evokes the ...
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NBC's Lauer to Jeb Bush: Can GOP 'Damage' With Hispanics 'Be Repaired by 2016?'

In an interview on Monday's Today with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his co-author Clint Bolick about their new book, Immigration Wars, co-host Matt Lauer seized Bush's critical words for ...
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CBS's Charlie Rose Lobbies Republicans to Adopt 'Fundamental Change' of GOP

CBS co-anchor Charlie Rose on Tuesday lobbied Eric Cantor to adopt "fundamental changes" in the Republican Party and not just accept "tweaks." Rose and CBS This Morning co-host Norah O'Donnell ...
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New York Times Forwards Helpful Tips on Pushing Immigration 'Reform'

Ashley Parker's cheery piece on immigration "reform" was marked with labeling bias, pitting opponents as "conservatives" and "the right," up against unlabeled supporters of amnesty proposals ...
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Strange New Respect for GOP Pro-Immigration Reformer Sen. Marco Rubio, a 'Star...Rising Rapidly'

The New York Times continued to push its pet cause of immigration "reform," involving mass amnesty for illegals in the United States. In a twist, immigration reporter Julia Preston reported ...
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