The Times Embraces Another Liberal Rally on the Hill: Illegal Immigration

Unlike the paper's sour coverage of the September 12 anti-spending rally, Ian Urbina's profile of Tuesday's rally for amnesty was stocked with nothing but positive vibes.

NYT: Modest Lefty Pittsburgh Protest Comparable to Huge Conservative Protest in D.C.

A reader could assume the Sept. 12 conservative protest in DC and the anarchist protest in Pittsburgh were of the same magnitude, as both described the crowd as in "thousands." Headline from the ...

Modest Lefty Pittsburgh Protest Comparable to Huge Conservative Protest in D.C.?

Coverage of the leftists and anarchists protesting the Group of 20 meeting in Pittsburgh downplayed the violence in a headline implying peace ruled, and boasted of a crowd size of up to 4,000. Yet ...

Pro-Obama-Care "Grassroots Advocates" - Controlled by the DNC

Advice for reporter Katharine Seelye: If pro-Obama "grassroots advocates" are operating "under the aegis of the Democratic National Committee," they aren't really "grassroots advocates."

"Almost Entirely White and Irritable Crowd" of "Angry" Obama-Care Protesters

After years of celebrating liberal protesters, the Times shudders as an "almost entirely white and irritable crowd" of "angry" conservatives hassle Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter about Obama-care.

Times Ignores Dem Face-Slapping, Union Assault, Blames GOP for Town Hall "Hostility"

Taking the liberal side of the town hall debate, the Times ignores an alleged assault and racial epithet against a black man from a union activist, ignores a Democratic face-slapper, while ...

Times Downplays Possible Ohio Vote Fraud, Fears "Widespread Problems" at Polls

A move by Ohio Republicans to halt possible vote fraud is spun by the Times: "Court Ruling May Impede Thousands of Ohio Voters."

Pro-Obama Snobbery? Support Strong Where People Are "Better Educated And More Diverse"

Ian Urbina: "Support for Mr. Obama is much stronger in the northeastern section of the state, especially in places like Fairfax County, near Washington, whose population is younger, wealthier, ...

"Lifelong Republican" No Average Joe Sestak Supporter

The Times quotes a "lifelong Republican" at an American Legion post in Pennsylvania opposing Bush's plan for more troops - but doesn't inform readers that not only did the Republican vote for the ...

"Past Shenanigans" on Election Day Discouraging Blacks from Voting

Is the GOP engaging in voter suppression in black communities?
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