Hurricane Isaac

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NBC on Isaac: Obama Being Presidential; 'Difficult' for GOP Convention to Continue

In a Tuesday 10 a.m. et NBC News special report on President Obama declaring a state of emergency for Gulf Coast states in the path of Hurricane Isaac, Today co-host Matt Lauer gushed: ...
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New York Times Drenches Itself in Hypocrisy With Flood Control Criticism of GOP

The New York Times shows hypocritical opportunism in bashing GOP over Hurricane Isaac: "The New Orleans area, in particular, will rely this week on $14 billion in levee construction, pumps and ...
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Predictable: NYTimes Fills News Gap With Overblown Lead on Discord Among 'Straight-Laced' GOP 'Squares'

Times reporters used weather woes to predict trouble for and mock the Republican convention. Michael Barbaro and Ashley Parker: "The first day of a hyper-scripted convention was canceled here, ...
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