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HuffPo Underreports Abortion Related Deaths by 16 Million

Successful procedures always take life, but liberals dehumanize victims.
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Huff Po Pokes Fun at ‘Merican Citizens

Those redneck conservatives are as wacko as our Founding Fathers!
Media Research Center

‘Unselfish?’ Huff Po’s 270 Reasons Not to Have Children

‘The moment you have children, you’re life ceases to be about yourself.’
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Hewitt: ‘Liberal Version of My Show … Called NPR’

Radio host explains why left is ideologically closed while interviewer proves it.
Media Research Center

HuffPo Blogger: ‘I Sometimes Don't Want to Be White Either’

The media push for more Dolezals includes professor.
Media Research Center

Lefty HuffPo: ‘Serious People’ Agree Major Obamacare Hikes Possible

Insurers reportedly push for higher premiums as young, healthy individuals fail to enroll.
Media Research Center

MSNBC, HuffPo, Other Media Link Texas Floods to Climate Change

 Outlets use tragedy to promote idea that global warming causes more ‘extreme weather.’
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Bill Nye Compares Combating Climate Change to Winning World War II

‘Science Guy’ says regulations needed to ‘get people on board’ to stop global warming.
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HuffPo: Celebrate ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ With Abortion

Blogger insists all moms were ‘angry mothers’ before abortion made legal.
Media Research Center

HuffPo Gay Editor: Calls for ‘Intolerance’ Toward ‘Antigay’ Media

Signorile calls for discrimination against conservative, Christian ‘bigots.’
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