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'Nasty' Rush Limbaugh Is Behaving Like a 'Werewolf,' Former Newsweek Editor Spews

Former Newsweek editor Howard Fineman on Monday lashed out at Rush Limbaugh as a "nasty" "werewolf" who is making the national discourse extreme. Hardball anchor Chris Matthews played a clip ...
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Fineman Lauds Eisenhower for Advising LBJ to Push 'Sweeping Liberal Agenda'

Appearing as a panel member on the weekend's syndicated Chris Matthews Show, Huffington Post editoral director Howard Fineman - formerly of Newsweek - praised former President Eisenhower's ...
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Former Newsweek Editor: Santorum Poses a 'Fundamental Challenge to the Modern World'

Former Newsweek senior editor Howard Fineman on Tuesday slammed Rick Santorum as regressive, sneering, "Well, I think Rick Santorum is posing a more fundamental challenge to the modern world." ...
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