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AZ Immigration Law Divides 'Law-and-Order' Defender of 'Hard-Edged Policies' vs. Compassionate Opponent 'More Willing to Give'

Stark bias from reporter Marc Lacey on a couple divided on Arizona's new immigration law: "Because he serves summonses for a living, owning his own business, Mr. Sotelo tends to be the ...

Times Again Covers for Left-Wing Honduran Authoritarian Manuel Zelaya, Ally of Hugo Chavez

Marc Lacey claimed: "President Manuel Zelaya was forcibly removed by soldiers at the behest of the Honduran Congress and Supreme Court and then illegally bundled out of the country in his ...

More Double Standards Over (Potential) Latin American Dictators

The Honduran congress, wary of dictators in a region heavy with them, unanimously declared Hugo Chavez-mimicking president Manuel Zelaya's push for a second term unconstitutional. But the Times ...

Maddow's 'Creepy' Reasoning: Blasts GOP Senators for Differing on Obama's Foreign Policy

Host suggests Inhofe, DeMint anti-American for differing with president on global warming, Honduras; neglects similar trips by Democrats during Bush Administration.

Dictators and (Obama's) Double Standards

When it came to the rigged election in Iran, Barack Obama played it cool in his public statements, earning the tacit approval of the Times. But when the Honduran military toppled that country's ...
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