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NBC Pundit: Jason Collins Like 'Rosa Parks,' A 'Gay Hero' Starting A 'Movement'

During a panel discussion on Thursday's NBC Today, attorney and regular pundit Star Jones compared gay NBA player Jason Collins to a civil rights icon: "I don't think that, say a Rosa Parks, set ...
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Anderson Cooper on Gay NBA Player: 'The Tide of History Is Moving Forward'

Discussing NBA player Jason Collins coming out as gay, CNN's Anderson Cooper supported the notion that more professional athletes may come out. "The tide of history is moving forward," the ...
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CNN Covers Gay NBA Player Nine Times More In a Day Than It Did Gosnell In One Week

In just 24 hours, CNN spent over 76 minutes of air time on NBA player Jason Collins's announcement that he was gay, hyping the news as "historic" and a "big moment for the country." However, ...
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NBC Brings On Liberal Columnist to Hail Gay NBA Player, Demand Supreme Court Back Gay Marriage

Amid the celebration on Tuesday's NBC Today over the "groundbreaking" "game changer" announcement by NBA player Jason Collins that he is gay, co-host Matt Lauer brought on liberal New York ...
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NBC's Lauer Impatiently Wonders: 'What Is It Going to Take' for Gay Athletes to Come Out?

Leading a panel discussion on Tuesday's NBC Today about the possibility of a professional athlete coming out as gay, frustrated co-host Matt Lauer implored: "It's interesting that in 2013, with ...
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Gay and Godless on the Public School Stage

A public school can't perform a play that reverently recreates the Old Testament...but it can perform a play that mocks it mercilessly.
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CNN's Lemon Harasses Conservative Guest; 'I Can Interrupt as Much as I Want'

CNN's Don Lemon belittled and smeared the Heritage Foundation's Ryan Anderson on Sunday. Anderson had claimed that same-sex marriage is not illegal, just not recognized as "marriage" by many ...
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CNN's Costello Pesters CPAC Chair About Inclusion of Gay Republicans

CNN's Carol Costello spent her entire interview Friday with the CPAC chairman badgering him about the inclusion of gay Republicans in the conference. "Will CPAC ever change its position and ...
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CNN's Legal Analyst Smacks Down CNN's Hype of Republicans Supporting Gay Marriage

CNN's own legal analyst scoffed at CNN's notion that 75 Republicans supporting legal gay marriage is a "big turning point" for the party. Anchor Ashleigh Banfield did her best to drum up the ...
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CNN's Lemon Insists Gun Rant 'Wasn't Advocacy,' Compares Gay Rights to Civil Rights

After calling for getting "guns and bullets and automatic weapons off the streets" after the Newtown shooting, CNN's Don Lemon insisted to the Dallas Voice that it "wasn't advocacy" and he was ...
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