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CNN's O'Brien to Romney: Won't Your Immigration Stance Drive Latinos to Obama?

CNN's Soledad O'Brien tried to make race an issue on Tuesday where there was no conflict to begin with, and she continued thumping Republicans over immigration on Wednesday. O'Brien asked ...

CNN's Sanchez: Reid's Racist Gaffe Emblematic of Angle's Incompetence

Discussing Harry Reid's racially-charged comment about Hispanic Republicans, Rick Sanchez miraculously managed to turn the embattled senator's gaffe into an example of his opponent Sharron Angle's ...

Nagourney Takes a Double-Dip of Conservative Angst Over Sotomayor

Chief political reporter Adam Nagourney recycled his web-only column for the print edition, complete with a headline portraying the GOP as in a lose-lose bind over Sonia Sotomayor's nomination: ...

NYT Warns GOP: Don't Challenge Obama's Supreme Court Pick

Chief political reporter Adam Nagourney plays the ethnicity card, suggesting Republicans would be wise to let Judge Sonia Sotomayor be confirmed without putting up a fight or risk "doom[ing] ...

Downbeat Spin from the Times: World Ends, Minorities Hardest Hit

Which newspaper headline, over articles about the same report from the Pew Hispanic Center, is not like the others? The one from the Times, naturally.

McCain's Hispanic Appeal "Burdened by Nativist Elements" in GOP

Reporter Larry Rohter uses a National Council of La Raza spokeswoman to bolster his thesis - the same spokeswoman who this year called for a "hate speech" ban on Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs for ...

Finally! Larry Rohter Criticizes Obama for "Misleading" Immigration Ad

But Rohter doesn't point out the ad's deceptive quotes of Rush Limbaugh used to make the talk show host appear anti-Mexican.

GOP Toned Down "Fierce...Heated Rhetoric" on Immigration for Hispanic Debate

A front-page story on the GOP's "Hispanic debate" did its best to portray the GOP as angry foes of illegal immigrants.

Today's Lead Story: "Hispanic Unease" Due to Conservative Defeat of Amnesty

Julia Preston: "Some legal immigrants, particularly Hispanics, have said they were unfairly tarred in the debate over the Senate bill, which failed in part because of vehement opposition from ...

Nativist GOP Doomed By Anti-Amnesty Vote?

"Hispanics may have been deeply alienated by the heated rhetoric" of "the loud echo chamber of talk radio." Also, "supporters said lawmakers had caved in to hateful, nativist, xenophobic ...
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