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Chris Matthews Show Panel Agrees GOP 'Hurt' By Opposition to Obamacare

Well the verdict is in and it looks like the GOP has been severely damaged by its opposition to Obamacare, well at least that was the conclusion of all the liberal members of The Chris Matthews ...

Chris Matthews Show: 'Boss Rush Limbaugh' Stoking Racist Anti-Obama 'Venom'

NBC's Norah O'Donnell, guest hosting for Chris Matthews over the weekend, repeatedly questioned her Chris Matthews Show panelists why there was "So much hate," and "venom," directed at Barack ...

Chris Matthews Show Panelists Say Obama More Conservative Than Radical

Over the weekend, on his syndicated The Chris Matthews Show, Chris Matthews asked his media panel if Barack Obama was governing as "more clearly a radical like FDR was, or more like a true ...

Dictators and (Obama's) Double Standards

When it came to the rigged election in Iran, Barack Obama played it cool in his public statements, earning the tacit approval of the Times. But when the Honduran military toppled that country's ...

Matthews: Has GOP 'Embarrassed Themselves' Out of Family Values Biz?

Chris Matthews, on his syndicated The Chris Matthews Show, over the weekend, wondered if the Mark Sanford scandal will make the GOP a more tolerant party as he asked his panel: "Have Republicans ...

The Amazing Disappearing "Obama Effect" in Iran

The Times hardly mentions Barack Obama in the context of Iran, yet still sees an "Obama effect."

In Cairo, Times Decides It's OK to Use Barack Obama's Full Name

The Times flayed the GOP for saying "Barack Hussein Obama" during the campaign, but celebrates the president's middle name when it may benefit him overseas. Plus, Obama's effortless diplomacy in ...

"Elegant," "Confident" Obama Wows Turkey

Looking for some actual analysis of Obama's trip to Turkey? Forget it. Reporter Helene Cooper praised Obama's "bold" admission that he lived in Indonesia as a boy, while another story gushed: "A ...

Obama's "First Moment as a Statesman"

With Obama in office, world peace is surely in sight.

Times Ignores Obama's Gauche Gifts to the Queen and Gordon Brown

Smooth diplomacy from the new Kennedys: Unplayable DVDs for the Prime Minister, and an Ipod loaded up with Obama speeches for the Queen.
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