Prime Time CBS Drama to Target Health Insurance Company

Perfectly timed for the week President Barack Obama is pushing the House to vote on ObamaCare, on tonight's (Tuesday) episode of CBS's The Good Wife, set at a Chicago law firm, the lawyers "battle ...

NBC's Williams Trumpets New 'Catch Phrase' from Obama: 'We Need Courage!'

While ABC and CBS on Monday night focused on President Obama's "final push" for health care and the plight of Natoma Canfield, Obama's poster woman for victims of rising health insurance premiums, ...

ABC's Jake Tapper Touts White House's Official Victim of Health Care

Good Morning America's Jake Tapper on Monday interviewed a woman selected by the White House to represent victims of the health care industry. Tapper emphasized the sad case of Natoma Canfield, a ...

CBS's Bob Schieffer: White House May Have to Waterboard Dems to Pass Health Care

The White House may have to waterboard its congressional allies to compel enough Democrats to support the health care bill and Congress will definitely have to raise taxes if the bill passes, ...

ObamaCare Aided by Big Doses of Media Spin

MRC Details 12 Months of Friendly Coverage for Liberals, Hostility for Government Health Care Foes

ABC's Jake Tapper Shoehorns Patrick Kennedy Rant Into Unrelated Health Care Story

Good Morning America's Jake Tapper on Thursday forced a completely unrelated rant by Representative Patrick Kennedy into a story entirely on health care. The Rhode Island Democrat's March 10 ...

Michael Moore Warns Democrats 'In for an Ass-Whooping of Biblical Proportions in November'

Filmmaker castigates the party in power for not getting health care done and pleads with them to 'do something.'

Maher: Obama Should Have Used Anger, Fear to Promote Health Care Agenda

'Real Time' host tells MSNBC's 'Countdown' president should have been aggressive on health care to the point of saying 'Republicans, you can suck on it.'

ABC, CBS, NBC Join Obama's Attack on Insurance Companies

Broadcast news programs blast excessive and 'arbitrary' rate hikes, stack guests against Anthem and WellPoint.

Health Care Sequel: The Empire Strikes Back

So-called reform readies for yet another 'final push,' but journalists still believe Obama deadlines.
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