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Barbour Warns Perry: A Conservative, Christian, Southern Republican Like You Will Be 'Nitpicked' by Liberal Media

When NBC's Andrea Mitchell, on Friday, asked Haley Barbour if Rick Perry had to "clean up his language?" the former head of the RNC brushed back the host of MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports by ...

A Liberal Lecture for Haley Barbour on Civil Rights Era

From a "news" story by Campbell Robertson: "Governor [Haley] Barbour...has also, however, been dogged by statements that suggest a considerably old-fashioned, even blinkered, view of history, ...

CBS's Smith to Haley Barbour: 1994 GOP Win 'Didn't End So Well'

In an interview with Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour on Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith was already predicting failure if the GOP won control of Congress: "1994 was an important ...

Joe Scarborough Predicts 'Certain Networks' Will 'Maul' Haley Barbour If He Runs in 2012

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough strongly believes certain networks would play the race card against southern Republican Haley Barbour, if he runs for President in 2012. Scarborough predicted on Thursday's ...

Randi Rhodes: Indicted Senate Dem Hopeful Alvin Greene 'Still Better than Jim DeMint'

Lib talker says not giving to candidate facing obscenity charges 'wrong' since Koch Industries and NewsCorp gave to Republican Governors Association.

Barbour on ABC: Media's Given Obama 'Longest Wet Kiss in Political History'

On ABC's This Week, Mississippi's Republican Governor, Haley Barbour, quipped: "I am surprised that the numbers in the Washington Post poll weren't better. I mean, since this thing passed last ...

Times Buries Republican Optimism Under Bland Hed: 'A Tilt Away From Social Issues'

Chief political reporter Adam Nagourney saw reasons for GOP optimism at a governors' conference, but some copy editor and photo caption writers effectively buried that part of his story.

Times Profiles Candidate: "I'm a Democrat Because I'm a Christian"

Double standard? Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Mississippi says "I'm a Democrat because I'm a Christian" - but the Times doesn't raise an eyebrow at this particular mixing of religion and ...
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