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Nets' Sunday Morning Shows, PBS Avoid Weiner Issue

The network elites completely avoided discussing Weinergate on the chat/interview shows this weekend. On Sunday, NBC's Meet the Press was off due to the French Open. ABC's This Week, CBS's Face ...

MSNBC Panel Invokes Anita Hill, Injects Sexism in Kagan Hearing

A liberal panel led by MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews injected sexism into the Kagan confirmation hearings on Tuesday morning, suggesting that Republican senators should curtail the tenacity of their ...

TV's Tilted Take on Harry Reid's "Negro" Remark

MRC Study: Race Controversy Buried After Four Days; Networks Gave Most Airtime to Reid Backers

Today Brings on Two Libs That Let Harry Reid Off the Hook

NBC's Today show, on Monday morning, invited on former Democratic liberal Congressman Harold Ford Jr. and PBS' liberal Washington Week moderator Gwen Ifill to discuss whether Democratic Senate ...

David Brooks Derides Palin as a 'Joke' and 'Talk Show Host'; Only Ifill Sees Her Appeal

The roundtable members on Sunday's This Week derided or dismissed Sarah Palin, with David Brooks, the putative conservative columnist for the New York Times, declaring "she's a joke" and ...

Fudging Obama-Book Author & Debate Host Gwen Ifill's Conflict of Interest

Jim Rutenberg focused on the GOP's slow response, not journalist Gwen Ifill's clear conflict of interest, and concludes by quoting a (fired) "former adviser to McCain" calling Ifill "as honorable ...

'Fair' Warning to Palin

Media sharpen the knives for that one error in the vice presidential debate.
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