George Lopez: Cain 'Darker Than Obama, But Whiter on the Inside'

On Monday's Fox and Friends, liberal comedian George Lopez all but threw the "Oreo" racial slur at Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain: "The Republicans do know that he's darker than ...

FNC Highlights UVA Study That Shows Enforcing Immigration Laws Decreases Violent Crime

On Thursday's Fox and Friends, FNC hosts Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy gave attention to a University of Virginia study which found that, since Prince William County in Virginia became more ...

Five of Six Networks Press Unyielding Gibbs on Crediting Bush

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs made the rounds of the six broadcast and cable morning news shows on Tuesday morning to help set the table for the President's speech marking the end of ...

Fox News Host Gretchen Carlson: Government Unfairly Shutdown Parents' GM Dealership

Glenn Beck calls abuse of GM closures 'fascism' after morning show star tells how 90-year-old family firm was making a profit.

'Close to Zero' Chance Hillary Runs Again for President

Former first lady nearly rules out presidential bid, calls McCain's positions on economy, health care 'out-of-touch' in Fox News interview.
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