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Eliot Spitzer Creepily Exploits Military Family's Financial Troubles for Political Gain

Just hours before a last-minute deal was struck between Republicans and Democrats to prevent a government shutdown, CNN's Eliot Spitzer did some politicking of his own on Friday's In the Arena.

Obama the Pragmatic 'Centrist' and 'Level-Headed Referee' of the Budget Crisis

Reporter Jeff Zeleny claims Obama has shifted to the center after the 2010 Democratic wipeout. But previously Zeleny insisted Obama had always been a pragmatic centrist. If he suspected it was ...

CNN Frets Over 'Crime' of Gov't Shutdown's Impact on Washington Museums, National Parks

Along with other institutions and people who will be impacted by a government shutdown, CNN spotlighted, throughout the day Thursday, the "grave" plight of museums and parks that may be forced to ...

Times Hits the Natural Park Trail for Sob Stories on Looming Government Shutdown

Motoko Rich indulges in government-shutdown cliches: "Among the people anxiously waiting to hear if Congress can reach a budget deal are front desk clerks at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite ...

Dire Consequences of Shutdown: ABC Invokes Washington Monument, Liberty Bell and Kids with Cancer, But Cheetahs Will Be Fed

It's a cliche that a federal shutdown would send liberals and journalists scurrying to show people harmed by highlighting a closed Washington Monument and disappointed tourists ' a cliche ABC's ...
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