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Gosnell Movie

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Justified’s Nick Searcy to Direct Gosnell Abortion Crime Drama

The latest milestone for a film telling what the media won’t.
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Gosnell Movie Reopens Funding for ‘Serial Killer’ Abortionist Drama

Indiegogo selects film for reopening indefinitely.
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Lefty Claim: Media Didn’t Report Social Justice ‘Nuance’ in Gosnell Trial

Ingratitude for media that tried to protect the abortion industry.
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Gosnell Movie Reaches Goal; Vows to Build ‘Army’

Crowd-funded film reaches $2.1M; new goal is 30K donors.
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Billboard Outside Kickstarter HQ Calls Out Co for ‘Gosnell Censorship’

‘You stink at censorship!’
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Crowdfunding: Nets Covered $1.4M Spike Lee Flick, Ignore $1.4M Gosnell Movie

ABC, CBS, NBC show bias in ‘crowdfunding’ reports.
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Kelly File: Gosnell Movie Fundraiser Rejected Because of ‘Baby Stabbing’ Description

Kirsten Powers discusses Gosnell movie fundraising double standard.
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