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At ABC, Wanting More Guns Is 'Controversial' But Obama Pushing Gun Control Is Just News

For ABC's Good Morning America, favoring more guns on the streets is "controversial" but President Obama's plea for gun control is simply news. "Those who argue that the best way to stop mass ...
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Barbara Walters Tosses Softballs to 'Charming' Obama: 'What's Your Favorite App?'

Good Morning America on Friday offered a fawning preview of Barbara Walters' exclusive interview with Barack and Michelle Obama. Walters gushed over the "touching," "charming" couple and asked the ...
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New Michigan Law Is a 'Major Blow to Union Rights'; NBC, CBS Totally Ignore

In what ABC News deemed a "major blow to union rights," Michigan became the 24th right-to-work state on Thursday. Yet, NBC and CBS totally ignored this development. ABC allowed a scant 14 second ...
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Serious ABC Hypes 'Real' Bigfoot for Two Minutes, Offers a Scant 23 Seconds to Susan Rice

Good Morning America on Thursday allowed a mere 23 seconds to the latest on Susan Rice's possible Secretary of State nomination and her troubled role in providing false information on the ...
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GMA Gleeful Over Tebow Criticism

Burns valuable air time to highlight teammates’ criticism, declares him ‘more tarnished by the day.
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Twinkie Party: The Loss of 18,000 Hostess Jobs Is a Big Joke to ABC News

The cast of Good Morning America on Friday treated the bankruptcy of Hostess and the loss of 18,500 jobs as a hilarious joke. Josh Elliott, George Stephanopoulos and others guffawed as they handed ...
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Fear-Mongering ABC Hypes Latest Global Warming Disaster: The End of Coffee

The alarmist journalists at Good Morning America on Sunday hyped a new report that fretted over whether global warming will spell the end of coffee. Reporter John Muller warned, "...The coffee ...
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Diane Sawyer Goads John Boehner: Obama Won; Why Won't You Just Raise Taxes?

Wold News host Diane Sawyer on Thursday grilled John Boehner, pushing the House Speaker to support tax increases in the wake of Barack Obama's victory. In a clip played on Friday's Good Morning ...

With Election Over, ABC Wonders About Obama's 'Cover-Up,' 'Refusal' to Talk about Libya

Now that the 2012 presidential election is over and Barack Obama has been safely reelected, the journalists at ABC's Good Morning America woke up to the fact that the President has "refused" to ...
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Liberal Lecturing Begins: ABC's Dowd Knocks 'Mad Men' Republicans in a 'Modern Family America'

In the aftermath of Barack Obama's reelection, the lecturing and advice from the liberal media began on Wednesday's Good Morning America. ABC analyst Matt Dowd mocked the GOP as a "Mad ...
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