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ABC Touts the Official Word on Weiner: Bill and Hillary Clinton's 'Patience Has Run Out'

Tuesday's Good Morning America, just as NBC did on Monday, offered concern about how the Weiner scandal would impact Bill and Hillary Clinton. Reporter Linsey Davis breathlessly explained that for ...
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ABC, CBS Punt on Democratic Party ID of Mayor Caught in Sex Scandal

On Tuesday, neither ABC's Good Morning America nor CBS This Morning mentioned San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's Democratic affiliation, as they reported on the new sexual harassment lawsuit against the ...
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George Stephanopoulos: 'Passionate,' 'Tenacious' Helen Thomas Got a 'Bit' 'Biased'

According to George Stephanopoulos, the late Helen Thomas, who passed away on Saturday, was a "passionate," "tenacious" journalist who only got a "bit" "biased" at the end of her career. The ...
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ABC Ignores Democratic Affiliation of San Diego Mayor Accused of Sexual Harrassment

For the third time in a week, ABC's Good Morning America failed to identify a politician involved in sex scandal as a Democrat. Amy Robach reported on Friday that "accusations of sexual harassment ...
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ABC Again Touts Eliot Spitzer: 'Infamy Might Work to His Advantage'

For the second day in a row, the journalists at Good Morning America failed to identify prostitution patron Eliot Spitzer as a Democrat. Yet, in a story on the politician's comeback, reporter ...
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No Objectivity Needed: Robin Roberts Thrilled Over 'Wonderful' 'Jubilation' at Gay Marriage Win

The journalists at Good Morning America seem to have decided that the gay marriage debate no longer has two sides. On Thursday, co-anchor Robin Roberts opened the program by spinning Wednesday's ...
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Big Three Acclaim 'Passionate' Pro-Abortion Texas Legislator's Filibuster; All But Ignore Pro-Life Voices

ABC, CBS, and NBC's morning newscasts on Wednesday spotlighted Texas State Senator Wendy Davis's filibuster against pro-life legislation, hyping how she stood for hours in "comfortable pink ...
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Networks Ignore 'Audit the IRS' Rally; Minimize Coverage of $70 Million in IRS Bonuses

The Big Three all punted on covering the Capitol Hill "Audit the IRS" rally on their Wednesday evening and Thursday morning newscasts. CBS This Morning played a four-second soundbite of Senator ...
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ABC Hypes 'Stunning Revelation' That Drones Were Used Inside U.S., Forgets That It Covered This in February

ABC's Good Morning America on Thursday deemed the admission by the FBI that they have used drones inside America to be a "stunning revelation." Yet, news reader Josh Elliott somehow managed to ...
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ABC Hypes Obama Family's 'Beautiful' Vacation, Avoids Any Hint of Extravagance

The journalists at Good Morning America on Tuesday offered a light-hearted, whimsical look at the Obama family's multi-country vacation. Reporter Linsey Davis played U2's "Beautiful Day" and ...
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