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Gore Attaches Global Warming as Cause to Last Weekend's Storm in Northeast

Former vice president points toward weather events as evidence of climate change during 'strategy conference call' for supporters.

USA Today Lends Helping Hand to Battered "ClimateGate" Scientist

Four months after "ClimateGate" exposed top climate scientists trying to manipulate data and suppress dissent, USA Today has brought forth a front-page feature article that seems aimed at ...

Anti-Global Warming/Green Industry Lobby Sponsors Carbon-Belching Racecar

International Green Energy Council announces partnership with NASCAR Nationwide Series Team to promote green policies.

Kerry Blames Talk Radio for Lagging Global Warming Concerns Spurred by ClimateGate

Mass. senator tells Boston Globe science 'has been maligned and misinterpreted.'

Things Blamed on 'Climate Change,' Item #457

"Climate change" alarmism in a Home & Garden section story by Kate Murphy: "Extreme weather possibly linked to climate change, as well as construction on less stable ground, have provoked ...

Interesting: The Times Prominently Plays 'Climate Change' Problems

Reporter John Broder, who previously called climate change skeptics "deniers" and "relatively uninformed," balances this out a little bit with a story on climate scientists realizing they have a ...

Sam Champion Nixes Idea That Snow Discounts Global Warming

Liberal weatherman Sam Champion appeared on Friday's Nightline to attack the idea that global warming could be dismissed because of the snowy winter suffered by much of the country. He complained, ...

No Where Safe from Leftist Bombast: TV Mom Frets GOP House Guests 'Denying Global Warming'

Hollywood writers aren't reticent about inserting gratuitous political points into prime time dramas, on ABC's Brothers and Sisters, the mom walked into her kitchen during a kick-off party for her ...

Maddow Shows Newsweek's Adler Reading Anti-Filibuster Poem

On Friday's Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, Newsweek contributor Jerry Adler was shown reciting a poem in which he lamented all the agenda items that are unpassable because of the Senate filibuster ...

NYT AWOL on Latest 'Climate Change' Revelations

Notorious climate scientist Phil Jones confessed that world temperatures could well have been warmer in the past than they are today, and also admitted there has been no statistically significant ...
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