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FNC: Bush Volunteered for Vietnam, CBS's Mapes Knowingly Omitted from Story

On Tuesday, FNC's The O'Reilly Factor hosted FNC analyst Bernard Goldberg as the former CBS News correspondent highlighted a story recently posted on his Web site,, in which he ...

Double-Standard on Anti-ObamaCare "Mobs"

When Target Was GOP's Bush, Media Censored Radicals and Touted Protesters from "All Walks of Life"

Decline in GDP "Hopeful Sign" for NYT; GDP Gain During Bush Years "Arrow" Pointing to Recession

Is there a double standard in how the struggling economy is being portrayed?

Like Obama, Bill Clinton Also Idolized on Time Covers, But Not GOP Presidents

How unusual is it for a new President to be featured seven times on Time's cover, as Barack Obama has been (with Michelle Obama snagging her own solo appearance)? A look back finds Bill Clinton ...

Time Mag's Between Paragraph Anti-Bush and Cheney Potshot Links

Time magazine's online staff certainly undermined any notion of impartiality in how they littered the posted version of this week's cover story, "Inside Bush and Cheney's Final Days," with the ...

Krugman on Colbert: Bushies Were Stupid, Crazy

Columnist Paul Krugman on The Colbert Report: "[People in the White House] understand what the problems of the economy are. You know, as I say, they're not stupid, they're not crazy, which is a ...

Matthews Commemorates 'Prophet' Jimmy Carter's 'Malaise' Speech

Leave it to Chris Matthews, a former speechwriter to Jimmy Carter, to actually commemorate the 30th anniversary of the former president's infamous "malaise" speech. On Wednesday's Hardball, ...

Bush vs. Obama: Double Standards on Africa's Enthusiasm

While the Times found Africa "rapt" with attention while listening to Barack Obama in Ghana, last year it found "Bush Confront[ing] Hard Questions," emphasizing the continents' ongoing woes and ...

CBS: World Leaders 'Relieved' Obama President Instead of Bush

On Thursday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Chip Reid described the relief of world leaders at the G-8 Summit that Barack Obama was representing the United States: "...the President showed yet ...

Egan: Bush Years of "Sanctioned Torture and War Built on Deceit"

Happy 4th of July! Reporter turned blogger Timothy Egan celebrates the return of liberal patriotism after the nightmare of the Bush years.
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