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ABC Skips Its Own Footage of the Supreme Court Contradicting Obama on Tax Increase

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling that ObamaCare is constitutional as a tax, a number of media outlets played the now-embarrassing clip of Barack Obama insisting the law isn't a tax. ...
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ABC Fawns Over 'Umpire' Roberts Upholding Mandate: 'Discretion Is the Better Part of Valor'

In live coverage right after the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare, ABC's anchors and reporters praised Chief Justice John Roberts for siding with the liberals. George Stephanopoulos insisted ...
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ABC Sounds the Panic Alarm Over Democratic 'Worries'

Good Morning America, hosted by former Democratic operative George Stephanopoulos, highlighted panic, Wednesday, about Barack Obama's reelection campaign. GMA's Jake Tapper warned, "Top ...
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Stephanopoulos Wife Ali Wentworth: 'I Would Like My Vagina to be Taken Off the Table in Politics'

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's Piers Morgan Tonight, actress and comedienne Ali Wentworth brought up "reproduction rights" and Planned Parenthood as issues she is concerned about when host ...
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ABC Fawns Over Discredited Dan Rather: Hypes the 'Legendary' Newsman's Pursuit of 'Truth'

George Stephanopoulos and the reporters at Good Morning America did not treat Dan Rather like a discredited journalist who disgraced CBS with faked documents. Instead, Rather was extolled as a ...
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Network Morning Shows Greet Trouble for 'Historic' ObamaCare with Scant Coverage

Barack Obama's health care law ran into a legal buzz saw at the Supreme Court, Tuesday. So, how did the network morning shows on Wednesday cover the "historic" case? They mostly ignored it. ...
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ABC Hyperventilates: 'Sour' Santorum 'Lashes Out' and 'Goes to War' With Media

The journalists at Good Morning America on Tuesday appeared shocked that a "sour" Rick Santorum dared to aggressively oppose a New York Times reporter, hyperventilating that the Republican ...
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Election? What Election? George Stephanopoulos Disappears and Politics Stops on ABC

Is there a clause in George Stephanopoulos's contract stating that politics must be ignored if he's not there? On Tuesday, for the second straight day, the former Democratic operative turned ...
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Stephanopoulos Pushes Romney to ‘Show Some Distance’ from Conservatives; Does Hit Schumer on Maher Hypocrisy

Mitt Romney can’t close the deal with Republican primary voters because too many don’t trust that he’s a real conservative, but on Sunday’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos pressured ...
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Stephanopoulos Grossly Understates ABC Attention to Limbaugh/Fluke, Claims 'We Didn't Obsess Over This'

When FNC's Bill O'Reilly brought up "ABC News's coverage of this Rush Limbaugh/Fluke situation" on Wednesday's The O'Reilly Factor, guest George Stephanopoulos not only misled FNC viewers about ...
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