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Why Did Bill Clinton Sign DOMA? Sleep Deprivation and '96 Opponent Bob Dole, Suggests NY Times

Why did Democratic president Bill Clinton anger the gay rights movement by signing the Defense of Marriage Act? Blame exhaustion and Bob Dole, suggest Peter Baker: "He had just flown across the ...
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New York Times Cheerleads for Gay Rights in 'Deeply Conservative' Idaho

New York Times reporter Kirk Johnson, hypersensitive to conservative retreat in the Western states, used an upcoming Supreme Court case as an excuse to lead more cheers for gay rights in ...
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CNN Thanks Gay Rights Activist for His Work

CNN thinks the Super Bowl has become "a platform for the culture wars," but they are using that "platform" to support causes like gay marriage. The morning after the Super Bowl, CNN's ...

New York Times Gets Job Done in FRC Shooting Follow-Up Story

The New York Times followed up Thursday's buried brief on the Family Research Council shooting with a solid and balanced story on Friday, including pertinent information about the shooter's ...
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CNN Boosts Another Gay Activist Upset With Boy Scouts

CNN continues its brazen support of gay activists upset with the Boy Scouts. On Wednesday afternoon, anchor Don Lemon gave the sappiest of  interviews to former Cub Scout den leader and ...
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NYT Leads Front-Page Cheers for Obama Enthusiasm at Gay Pride Rallies

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters led the front-page cheers for the new enthusiasm in the gay community surrounding Barack Obama's re-election campaign: "Now, campaign officials and other ...
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Liberal Media Cheer on Pro-Gay Discrimination

Governments in America, abroad practice pro-gay discrimination, press approves.
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Comcast Boasts 'Diversity,' On and Off Camera

Since it bought NBC Universal, Comcast and its media properties have aggressively funded activists and conventions for the "gay rights" movement.
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CNN's 'Objective' Don Lemon Appeared at Two Events Featuring Sebelius, Received 'Visibility' Award at Pro-Gay Gala

If you were wondering about CNN's objectivity on liberal issues like gay rights, the lines became a whole lot more blurred recently as anchor Don Lemon received a "Visibility" award from the ...
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Oh No: Openly Gay Idaho Lawmaker Is Quitting After Having 'Lost Patience' With State Conservatives, Laments NYT

New York Times reporter William Yardley talks to Nicole LeFavour, an openly gay legislator in Idaho, who is apparently entitled to have her particular gay-rights legislation passed: "Ms. LeFavour, ...
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