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New York Times on Gay TV: Winning Liberal 'Saints,' Vanishing Conservative 'Bigots'

The New York Times played make-believe on the front page Wednesday. Media reporter Brian Stelter described a transgender plot on "Glee," marrying lesbian doctors on "Grey's Anatomy," and two men ...
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No Surprise: Times' Nagourney Hails Obama's 'Historic' Risk-Taking on Gay Marriage

New York Times reporter Adam Nagourney comes off his Los Angeles beat to herald President Obama's risk-taking and hails the "historic significance" of his fully evolved support of gay marriage: ...
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Chris Matthews Links Gay Marriage Opponents to Supporters of Slavery

Minutes after Barack Obama came out for gay marriage, Wednesday, Chris Matthews appeared on MSNBC to compare opponents of such unions to "wolves" and to link them to supporters of slavery. ...
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Jake Tapper Grills White House on 'Cynical' Gay Marriage Dodge; ABC Ignores

ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper on Monday grilled the White House press secretary over Barack Obama's position on gay marriage and whether he will change his stance after the 2012 election. ...
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NBC: Romney Must 'Backtrack' from the Right, But Obama Will Suffer 'Damage' If He Steps Back from the Left

Talking to Meet the Press host David Gregory on Monday's NBC Today, co-host Ann Curry pushed for Mitt Romney to move away from conservatives: "...does he have to work really hard now to ...
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Bill Keller Hints Arguments Against Gay Marriage Are Just Arguments Against Gays in General

Former executive editor Bill Keller talks to Mike Long, head of the Conservative Party of New York State, and slants their conversation on gay marriage: "It is difficult to construct an argument ...
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NBC's Curry Slams Kirk Cameron: 'Are You Encouraging People to Feel Hate Towards Gay People?'

Leading off an interview with conservative Christian actor Kirk Cameron on Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Ann Curry immediately attacked him for recent comments he made to CNN's Piers Morgan: ...
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Lefties Accuse Kirk Cameron of Hate Speech for Christian Beliefs

Hollywood and liberal media outraged by actor’s opinion on gay marriage.
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Keller Confesses: NYT Reporters Lean Left, But Absolutely Objective Paper Would Be 'Tedious'

Former executive editor Bill Keller on where his paper's liberal streak was most noticable: " would probably fall under the realm of social issues, by and large." He then defended the paper's ...

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