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Rich Compares 9-11 Attacks to the '9-15 Failure of Lehman Brothers'

Frank Rich can't stop equating the financial crisis to the destruction of the Twin Towers: "What we don't know will hurt us, and quite possibly on a more devastating scale than any Qaeda attack. ...

Frank Rich, Latest NYT Columnist to Suggest Enron (and Tiger Woods!) More Significant Than 9-11

Columnist Frank Rich joins his liberal colleague Paul Krugman in a strange need to downgrade the "one-off domestic terrorist attack" of September 11, suggesting that Enron and Tiger Woods (!) may ...

Frank Rich, Still Searching for Political Relevance

And you thought "Up in the Air" was just holiday entertainment. Frank Rich tells us it's actually "using the power of pop culture to salve national wounds that continue to fester in the real world."

Frank Rich Plays Race Card on Palin Fans

In his hit piece on the former governor's hit book, columnist Rich argues that "Palin is at the red-hot center of age-old American resentments that have boiled up both from the ascent of our first ...

Frank Rich Breaks Columnists' Silence on Fort Hood, Chides 'Self-Proclaimed Patriots of the American Right'

The Times former drama critic reluctantly suggests conservatives may have a point about political correctness making the Fort Hood massacre possible, but then goes into a muddled argument blaming ...

Columnists Who Blamed Conservative Media for 'Right-Wing' Killings Ignoring Fort Hood Massacre

An Army major espousing radical Islamic views has been charged with killing 13 at Fort Hood. But the Times' liberal columnists, so quick to blame Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck for previous ...

Times Watch Quotes of Note - 'Fiercely Conservative' Protesters Just Parroting Fox News

Read the latest edition of Times Watch Quotes of Note, including gems like this from Frank Rich: The same could be said of Beck, Palin and their acolytes. Though they constantly liken the ...

'Fiercely Conservative' Protesters Just Parroting Fox News

Plus: Obama's dithering is actually "leadership," and Frank Rich in modes both gruesome and pathetic.

NYT's Frank Rich: 'The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York'

Though he's predicting Democrats will prevail in the end, former theatre critic turned New York Times over-dramatic liberal columnist Frank Rich sounded even more skittish than usual in his ...

'The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York.'

The Times' idea of a good headline over the Times' idea of an interesting columnist: Drama critic turned conservative-fearing Frank Rich.
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