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MRC President Brent Bozell to appear on FNC's Kelly File at 9:20 p.m. EST


Randi Rhodes: Indicted Senate Dem Hopeful Alvin Greene 'Still Better than Jim DeMint'

Lib talker says not giving to candidate facing obscenity charges 'wrong' since Koch Industries and NewsCorp gave to Republican Governors Association.

MLK Sculptor also Painted Glenn Beck in Manure

WaPo overlooks controversial artwork in preview of events honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

Rick Sanchez Again Hints That Fox News is Not a Legitimate News Outlet

CNN's Rick Sanchez again hinted that Fox News wasn't a legitimate news organization during his Rick's List program on Monday. When colleague Ed Henry mentioned that several news outlets were ...

Only Fox News Hits Gibbs With Questions on Possible Plans to Bypass Congress on Immigration

Robert Gibbs on Friday appeared on all three network morning shows, as well as Fox News, MSNBC and CNN, but only FNC quizzed the White House press secretary about whether the White House would try ...

If It's Sunday...It's a Hysterical Column by Frank Rich Accusing the GOP of Racism

Frank Rich calls the Shirley Sherrod tape fiasco a "new low" in race relations, and repeats the liberal myth of Rep. John Lewis being "pelted with racial epithets while walking past protesters on ...

Times Suddenly Concerned About Journalistic Credibility - At Fox News Anyway

Now that's funny. Media reporter Brian Stelter frets about another media outlet's lack of fairness: "But it is an open question whether conservative media outlets risk damage to their credibility ...

CNN's Rick Sanchez: 'I'm Not Ideological;' Spars With Abrams on Sherrod

Rick "I play it down the middle" Sanchez didn't disappoint during the first prime-time edition of CNN's Rick's List on Thursday, as he brought his liberal bias against Fox News to the program. ...

Reality Check: NYT Implies Fox to Blame for Sherrod, But White House Acted Before Story Ran

Sheryl Gay Stolberg: "The controversy illustrates the influence of right-wing Web sites like the one run by Andrew Breitbart, the blogger who initially posted the misleading and highly edited ...

Departing Public Editor Hoyt: We're Not the Fox News of the Left

The paper's departing public editor Clark Hoyt admitted the Times' editorial page and columnists are liberal and that the paper shares the prevailing sensibilities of the city and region where it ...

Murdoch to Critics: Attacks on 'Powerful' Fox News 'Good For Ratings'

News Corp. CEO attributes cable channel's strong numbers to people 'worried about direction of the country,' as all other media are on 'the liberal side of things.'
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