Olbermann: FNC & Conservatives 'Close to Playing w/ Its Own Poop,' 'Better Off' if GOP Reps 'Didn't Live in This Country'

On Thursday's Countdown show on MSNBC, after guest Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post predicted that Republican Congressmen would not agree to extend unemployment benefits, host Keith Olbermann ...

Olbermann Slams Jay Rockefeller, Ailes and 'Buffoon' Pamela Geller in Return of Worst Person Segment

On Wednesday's Countdown show, Keith Olbermann featured a "Worst Person" segment for the first time since indefinitely suspending it a few weeks ago as the MSNBC host decided to go after Pamela ...

Olbermann Responds to Koppel, Claims Criticized Obama More in a Week that FNC Primetime Did Bush in 8 Years

On Monday's Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann used his latest "Special Comment" to respond to former ABC anchor Ted Koppel's inclusion of him and MSNBC in his criticism of the modern news ...

FNC's Liasson: Send off Pelosi 'In a Blaze of Glory' Like Churchill After 'Historic' Accomplishments

On this past weekend's Fox News Sunday, panel member Mara Liasson - also of NPR - invoked the name of Winston Churchill as she recommended that House Democrats send off Nancy Pelosi "in a blaze of ...

CBS 'Early Show': Conservative O'Reilly 'Lashed Out' At 'Single Motherhood'

Late in the 7:00AM ET hour of Monday's CBS Early Show, correspondent Michelle Miller reported on the "war of words" between actress Jennifer Aniston and Fox News host Bill O'Reilly over women ...

Media Blackout of Supreme Court "Battle"

MRC Analysis: ABC, CBS and NBC Virtually Ignore Kagan Controversies; No Soundbites from Conservative Groups

Sarah Silverman: 'The Entire Fox News Channel is a 24-Hour a Day Racism Engine'

Comedian and author attacks conservative movement, suggesting opposition to Obama is 'all coded, all implied' racism.

Video Compilation: The Media Crashing the Tea Party

Over the past year since its inception, the media have worked hard to discredit and denigrate the tea party movement. News organizations employed various strategies, from dismissing the protests ...

Krauthammer Predicts European-Style VAT Tax

Syndicated columnist points to Deficit Reduction Commission as impetus national sales tax that will fund ObamaCare.
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