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O'Reilly: Even 'Most Fervent Obama News Agency' NBC Having Trouble Defending President

On Tuesday night's O'Reilly Factor, mentioning his appearance on NBC's Today that morning, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly observed that the Peacock Network was having a difficult time covering ...
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Ex-Newsweek's Wolffe Suggests FNC, O'Reilly Tougher on Obama Because He's 'Black President'

On Wednesday's The Last Word show, MSNBC political analyst Richard Wolffe -- formerly of Newsweek -- suggested that FNC host Bill O'Reilly was motivated by racism when he recently called it ...
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MSNBC's Hayes Suggests Fox News Should Link Reagan to Genocide in Guatemala

On Tuesday's All In show, Chris Hayes linked former President Ronald Reagan to a former Guatemalan dictator convicted of genocide as the MSNBC host seemed to suggest that the story was as worthy ...
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MSNBC's Hayes Gloats Over Kidnapping and Murder Stories Preempting Benghazi Media Coverage

On Wednesday's All In show, MSNBC host Chris Hayes was gleeful over media coverage of the Benghazi hearings being preempted by both the story of three girls kidnapped and held prisioner for a ...
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Joy Behar On Dick Morris Leaving Fox: 'No Shortage Of Dicks At Fox'

Last night, Joy Behar showed her “concern” over Fox News' firing of commentator Dick Morris.
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FNC's Kirsten Powers Slams 'Utterly Insane' Media 'Obsession' With Attacking Romney

Appearing on Fox News's America Live on Thursday, Daily Beast columnist and Democratic pundit Kirsten Powers ripped the liberal media for expressing more outrage over Mitt Romney's reaction to ...
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Bill O'Reilly Predicts Liberal Media Will Give Obama 'About 3% or 4%' in November

At the top of Tuesday's O'Reilly Factor on Fox News, host Bill O'Reilly rightly observed "the American media overwhelmingly favoring Barack Obama over Mitt Romney" and predicted that the slanted ...
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WashPost's King: GOP and FNC Painted Obama as 'Devil Incarnate,'

On Friday's Inside Washington on PBS, regular panel member and liberal Washington Post columnist Colby King charged that Republicans and Fox News have "painted Barack Obama as the devil ...
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Ex-ABC Head Westin Denies Liberal Bias, Rationalizes Greater Media Focus on Romney's Wealth

Appearing as a guest on Tuesday's The O'Reilly Factor to promote his book, Exit Interview, former ABC News president David Westin denied seeing a liberal bias among his colleagues when he was head ...

Rosenthal: 'Bull...' and 'Pernicious Nonsense' to Suggest NY Times Is Lefty Equivalent of Fox News

New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal gets riled in a Freakonomics podcast: "Well it begins with bull and ends in it and you can figure out what comes in between. I think ...
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