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Brisbane Traces Media's 'Fact-Checking' to Outcry Over Willie Horton Ad

The paper's public editor, Arthur Brisbane, reveals the "current [fact-checking] movement has its roots in the late 1980s, a response to aggressive advertising like the Willie Horton ads aimed at ...

Public Editor Asks if NYT Reporters Should Fact-Check, But They Already Do (the GOP, Anyway)

Public Editor Arthur Brisbane made waves by asking Should The Times Be a Truth Vigilante? But the paper already is, at least against Republicans, replete with ardent defenses of liberal policy ...

Katharine Seelye Busts "Myths" About Obama-Care That Are Actually Valid

Katharine Seelye insists that many valid criticisms of Obama-care (that abortion would be covered, that illegal immigrants would get taxpayer-funded care, and that private insurance would be ...

Times Mimics Post in Bashing of McCain's Ad Linking Obama to Franklin Raines

Julie Bosman says a McCain claim linking Obama to former Fannie Mae Executive Director Frankling Raines "is totally unsupported by the facts." Her takes rehashes a previous story by the Washington ...

Zernike's Flawed Fact-Checking of Sarah Palin

Kate Zernike complains about lack of access to Palin and says: "She sticks to her script, even when the facts are in dispute."
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