Example of Israeli 'Force' Over Palestinians: Checkpoints To Combat Terrorism?

Does Jerusalem Bureau Chief Ethan Bronner really think the success of checkpoints designed to stop Palestinian terrorists "is a dark truth" and an example of "force" over diplomacy?

Remembering Ted Kennedy

Is the presidential-level treatment of Ted Kennedy's passing warranted? The amount of coverage isn't the problem; it's the quality of the reporting that bothers.

Israeli Election Coverage Strewn With Unflattering "Far Right" Labels

Two weeks ago Executive Editor Bill Keller said such labeling in Israel coverage could be a sign of biased journalism.

Times Again Reveals Its Political Stripes in Israel Coverage

NYT Executive Editor Bill Keller warned last week that the use of terms like "right-wing" when reporting on Israel could indicate a slanted report. So why does the phrase keep cropping up on its ...

Times Soft-Pedals Anti-Israel Vituperation of Turkey PM

Turkey's Prime Minister wants Israel banned from the UN over Gaza and told Israel's president "You kill people." The Times ignored those quotes, suggesting Erdogan is offering "healthy criticism."

It's OK to Be Proud of America Again

Plus John Ashcroft vs. Eric Holder & Bad Press All Bush's Fault

More Unfairness Against Israel

Double standards in Gaza: Reporter Ethan Bronner put the Palestinian case in emotionally resonant terms, while his marshalling of pro-Israel arguments is scattered and grudging.

More One-Sided Reporting on the Gaza "Assault"

Ethan Bronner: "Yet in its campaign so far, which has killed scores of children and other bystanders, Israel has not spared the trappings of Hamas sovereignty or limited itself to military targets."

Middle East Moral Equivalency Watch: Terrorist Group Hamas vs. Israel

According to reporter Ethan Bronner, the terrorist group Hamas and the state of Israel both 'have a point' when it comes to violating a truce - and a defensive move by Israel 'drove the cycle of ...

Jewish Settlers on a "Rampage"

The Times doesn't much like right-wingers in Israel, either, applying a double standard to Jewish protestors and Palestinian ones.
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