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Election 2012

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CNN Hails 'Home Run Derby of Speeches' at DNC

The Democratic Convention produced a "home run derby of speeches," insisted CNN's John King early Friday morning on Piers Morgan Tonight. This came after CNN hailed Michelle Obama's DNC ...
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ABC Hypes DNC Enthusiasm as Unprecedented for Dems

A day after CNN salivated over Michelle Obama's DNC address, ABC hyped the enthusiasm at the Democratic Convention as hitting unprecedented levels on Wednesday night. "Look, I have never seen ...
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CNN Contributor Cites Bush's Katrina Fiasco to Ask If GOP Is 'Worried' About Hurricane

In light of Tropical Storm Isaac threatening the Gulf coast during the Republican National Convention, The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza evoked shades of Hurricane Katrina and the Bush malaise on ...
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CNN Barely Mentions Romney's Energy Policy; Hypes Bain Capital 'Distraction'

Instead of informing the public about Mitt Romney's energy plan unveiled on Thursday, CNN harped on a "distraction" in the form of Bain Capital documents released by the website Gawker. Even an ...
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CNN Ignores Conservative Experts When Slamming Romney Welfare Ad as 'False'

CNN shot down Mitt Romney's claim that President Obama "gutted" welfare reform, despite experts who helped construct the actual 1996 law insisting that Obama did indeed strike at its heart ...
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CNN Ties 'Pretty Embarrassing' Akin Controversy to Romney Campaign

In the wake of the Todd Akin controversy, CNN has not only tied the negative fallout to the Romney campaign and the Republican Party, but has also turned a critical eye to the party's "very far ...
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CNN Hypes GOP Links of Obama Critics Who Are Military Veterans

CNN is harping on the "partisan" connections of a group of military veterans criticizing President Obama, likening it to Swift Boat, yet it has helped further liberal partisan attacks in the ...
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CNN Repeats Dishonest Obama Attack on Ryan

Instead of fact-checking President Obama's dishonest attack on Paul Ryan for blocking a farm bill, CNN simply reported it three times on Tuesday morning. Correspondent Brianna Keilar actually ...
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CNN Re-Airs Paul Krugman Saying Ryan's Budget Will 'Kill People,' Shows No Outrage

CNN's Gloria Borger dug deep for disgusting liberal smears of Paul Ryan's budget proposals and aired them without any criticism or outrage on Monday. In her report on the new Vice ...
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Obama Guts Welfare Reform, But CNN Wields Liberal Talking Points to Say Otherwise

CNN relied on liberal analysis and Democratic talking points to dismantle a new Romney campaign claim about Obama gutting welfare reform. On Wednesday morning the network twice cited PolitiFact ...
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