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Election 2012

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CNN Explains Obama Gaffe but Rips Romney's '47 Percent' Comment

President Obama basically admitted failure when he said that Washington cannot be changed "from the inside," but CNN tried to explain his gaffe on Friday's Early Start while later dumping on ...
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Surprise: Stephanopoulos Tempers Piers Morgan's Liberal Spin

Of all people, former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos was the one throwing water on Piers Morgan's liberal spin. On Thursday's Piers Morgan Tonight, the host hyped that Mitt Romney's "47 ...
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NBC Cites 'Key Republicans' David Brooks and Mark McKinnon to Hammer Romney's 'Bad Week'

NBC's Matt Lauer pronounced the previous week a "bad week" for the Romney campaign and cited squishy Republicans to help make his point on Thursday's Today show. Lauer wouldn't even let Romney ...
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CNN Hypes Romney Tape as 'Monumental Gaffe,' 'Manna from Heaven for the Left'

CNN's Piers Morgan gave President Obama some free publicity Tuesday night while CNN kept the anti-Romney media firestorm raging. "I'm going to play a new Obama ad which basically sums up how ...
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CNN Hypes 'Tsunami' of Romney Campaign Problems

After CNN pounded away at the latest media-manufactured Mitt Romney gaffe, CNN's Brooke Baldwin remarked on Tuesday that the campaign faces a "tsunami" of "myriad issues." "Can they right ...
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Soledad O'Brien Doubles Down on Romney 'Gaffes' and Asks If Campaign Is 'Hot Mess'

CNN's Soledad O'Brien fanned the flames of Mitt Romney's latest media firestorm, his remark on 47 percent of citizens that was leaked by liberal magazine Mother Jones. She also included two ...
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CNN Punts on Obama Dereliction In Libya In Favor of Romney Tape

Just how bad is the media's track record this election season? On Monday, CNN's Anderson Cooper led his show with a manufactured Mitt Romney controversy instead of news that the U.S. may have ...
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Former Romney Spokesperson Rips Media for Overlooking Obama's Policies

Former Romney spokesperson Richard Grenell called out the media on Monday for not focusing hard enough on President Obama's foreign policy record. "The media needs to start looking at ...
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CNN Contrasts Romney's 'Mixed Messages' With Obama Honoring Fallen Diplomats

In an obvious contrast between the two presidential campaigns, CNN's Jim Acosta highlighted both Mitt Romney's frivolous talk show interview and his campaign's "sharpened rhetoric" on Friday ...
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Anderson Cooper Gives Frivolous Criticism of Romney for Hypocrisy

CNN's Anderson Cooper smacked the Romney campaign Monday night for alleged dishonesty. He claimed they were talking too much about social issues while saying the economy is their real focus. ...
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