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CNN's Soledad O'Brien Twice Implies Romney Is 'Lying'

CNN's Soledad O'Brien twice implied Mitt Romney is lying, on Friday's Starting Point. She pointed to the candidate's admission to being wrong about his 47 percent comments after previously ...
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CNN Keeps Hyping Romney's Proposed PBS Cuts, PBS Host Calls It 'Attack on Children'

CNN continued to hype Big Bird as a key debate issue on Friday morning's Starting Point as Soledad O'Brien brought on PBS "Reading Rainbow" host Lavar Burton who laid into Mitt Romney's ...
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Norah O'Donnell Thinks Obama Left 'Greatest Hits' on 'Cutting Room Floor'

CBS's Norah O'Donnell said President Obama left his "greatest hits on the cutting room floor" for Wednesday night's debate, "hits" which included "contraceptive rights" and "free mammograms" in ...
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GOP Congressman Rips CNN for 'Disservice' to Struggling Americans by Focusing on 'Big Bird'

When CNN laughably focused Thursday morning on Mitt Romney cutting funding for "Big Bird" as a key debate moment, Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) took CNN to task on Thursday for hyping such a ...
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Liberal Journalist Carole Simpson Laughs at Romney, Praises Obama on CNN

The day before Wednesday's presidential debate, CNN hosted liberal journalist Carole Simpson, a long-time ABC News anchor, to give her take on the event. Not surprisingly, she laughed at Mitt ...
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MRC President Brent Bozell reacts to ABC, CBS and NBC's failure to cover the Obama administration gunrunning scandal that led to many deaths in Mexico: "It’s despicable that the networks simply ...
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Brooke Baldwin Dismisses Effectiveness of Media Bias Accusations

Ignoring other conservative condemnations of liberal media bias, CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Monday afternoon pulled tape of former President George H. W. Bush all the way from 1992 ranting about ...
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CNN's Gupta -- Once a Candidate for Obama's Surgeon General -- Trumpets Benefits of ObamaCare

CNN's chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta boosted ObamaCare on Friday morning's Starting Point without disclosing that he was once a candidate to be President Obama's Surgeon General, and ...
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Piers Morgan Ignores Libya While Pounding Romney Campaign

While ignoring breaking news in the Obama administration's Libya fiasco on Thursday night, CNN's Piers Morgan dumped on the Romney campaign for a good portion of his show, saying Mitt is "in a ...
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Today Show Pushes New Obama Ad Three Times, Skips Libya Scandal

NBC's Today show mentioned the Obama campaign's newest attack ad three times on Monday, but not once did they report on developments in the wake of deadly attacks in Libya. Questions are being ...
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