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After GOP Debate, Networks Turn to a Democrat; After Obama's Speech? A Democrat

On Thursday, the day after the Republican presidential debate, the network morning shows turned to a high profile Democrat for a response. On Friday, the day after Barack Obama's jobs speech to ...

Instead of Republicans, Networks Turn to Obama Aide for GOP Debate Reaction

The morning after eight Republican presidential candidates debated each other in California, all three morning shows brought on a Democrat, White House chief of staff William Daley.

GMA Skips Hoffa's Call for War Against Tea Party 'Sons of Bitches'

Good Morning America on Tuesday skipped any mention of James Hoffa's call for war against the Tea Party and the union leader's exhortation to "take these son[s] of bitches out." The ABC program ...

NBC, CBS Skip Poll Showing Obama Tied or Losing to Republicans

The morning shows on NBC and CBS skipped a new Gallup poll finding Barack Obama either behind or tied with his Republican challengers. Only ABC's Good Morning America mentioned the stark numbers.

NBC Skips Obama's Major Shift on Immigration, Covers 500 Pound Pig

NBC has yet to cover a major shift by the Obama administration that would halt deportation of illegal immigrants who have not committed a crime. According to the Washington Times, up to 300,000 ...

NBC Spins for Obama Vacation: 'When Is There Ever a Good Time for a World Leader' to Take a Trip?'

NBC on Friday offered a light-hearted defense of Barack Obama's vacation, justifying it by pointing out how hard it is for world leaders to take trips.

ABC Ignores Failure of $14 Million Effort by Liberals to Recall Wisconsin's GOP State Senators

ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday ignored the $14 million failure of labor and liberal groups to win back the state senate in Wisconsin through a recall vote. Both CBS's Early Show and NBC's ...

Networks Deride 'Rebellious' 'Hardline Conservatives' Creating 'Chaos'

On Friday, all three network morning shows played up the theme of stubborn House GOP conservatives opposing Speaker John Boehner's debt ceiling plan. On CBS's Early Show, co-host Chris Wragge ...

Networks Trumpet News of 'Christian' Killer, But Balked Over Labeling Muslim Violence

The three major networks trumpeted the news this weekend that the man behind a mass shooting spree in Norway is also a Christian, highlighting the fact in eight different programs from Saturday ...

NBC Uniquely Wonders if Obama Is Using 'Scare Tactics' to Hype Social Security Threat

Of the three morning shows on Wednesday, only NBC's Today speculated that Barack Obama might be using "scare tactics" with his dire warning that, barring a deal on raising the debt limit, Social ...
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