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No Lefty Label for Rep. Dennis Kucinich, But Republicans Are 'Conservative'?

Reporter Jennifer Steinhauer: "But the disagreements over Libya have made for some odd bedfellows, including antiwar lawmakers like Mr. Kucinich and right-of-center representatives, as well as ...

Chris Matthews Links Dennis Kucinich to Churchill and Lebron James, Promises 'Enthusiastic' Coverage

MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Tuesday could barely contain a tingle as he fawned over left-wing Congressman Dennis Kucinich, connecting the Representative to World War II hero Winston Churchill and ...

George Stephanopoulos Touts Obama's Liberal Achievements: 'What More Could the President Have Done?'

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Thursday interviewed liberal Congressman Dennis Kucinich and defended Barack Obama's left-wing achievements. Stephanopoulos touted, "Congressman, ...

The Times' Obama-Care Optimism Remains Unquenched

Reporter David Herszenhorn's eternal (and so-far misguided) optimism on the prospects for Obama-care once again burns bright in Thursday's lead story on health-care reform push, Showdown Near ...

'Nightly News' Perplexed by TARP-Recipients Lending to Foreign Countries

NBC correspondent Lisa Myers investigates banking titans that made overseas loans in wake of congressional hearing.
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