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CNN Hits Democrats from the Left on Gun Control

CNN pushed for more gun control on the very day of the Aurora shootings – to the dismay of media critic Howard Kurtz – and host Candy Crowley continued the fight on Sunday and Monday. In her ...
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Sigourney Weaver to NBC's Gregory: Dems About 'The People'; GOP Just 'Serving Big Business'

In an interview with Meet the Press moderator David Gregory for the Sunday show's web-based feature Press Pass, USA's Political Animals star Sigourney Weaver explained her support for President ...
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Desperate CNN Anchor Begs Obama and Romney to Defend Their Health Care Plans

In a pathetic act of desperation, CNN's Carol Costello whined that President Obama is not defending his own health care bill well enough and that Mitt Romney is not standing behind his own ...
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NBC Uniquely Notes Some Dems Voted to Sanction Holder

Uniquely among the broadcast network evening newscasts Thursday night, the NBC Nightly News, not only ran a full report on the House of Representatives vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in ...
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CBS Plays Up Romney's 'Secret Summit'; Barely Mentioned Obama's NYC Fundraiser

CBS This Morning on Friday spun Mitt Romney's upcoming meeting in Utah with prominent Republicans and top fundraisers as a "secret summit." Just a week earlier, the morning newscast didn't even ...
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ABC Highlights Dems Charging Obama Admin Leaked National Security Secrets

Uniquely among the broadcast network evening newscasts, ABC's World News on Thursday ran a report which informed viewers that Democrats in Congress have joined Republicans in accusing the Obama ...
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Miley Cyrus, Miss USA Get More Time Than Wisconsin Recall on Big Three

The Big Three networks certainly have their priorities straight. ABC, CBS, and NBC's morning shows on Wednesday dedicated more time to entertainment news than the results of the Wisconsin recall ...
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CBS's Bill Plante: Bill Clinton's Reputation 'Bathed in Nostalgia'

CBS This Morning on Tuesday heralded President Obama and former President Bill Clinton's joint fundraising appearances in New York City, playing up the "star-studded lineup" that appeared with the ...
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CBS: Walker Might Become Anti-Union 'Poster Child' If He Wins Recall

On Sunday's CBS Evening News, John Dickerson candidly admitted that a failed recall attempt of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker "would be a big blow" to the unions, and that it "would be a sign to any ...
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CNN's Schneider Analyzes Gender Gap, Jokes 'Men Are Stupid'

Appearing as a panel member on Sunday's Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC, CNN's senior political analyst, Bill Schneider, undermined the judgement of men versus women while analyzing the gender ...
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