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CBS Fails to Note How Much Harry Reid's Plan Would Actually Cut from the Deficit

On Wednesday's CBS This Morning, national correspondent Chip Reid glossed over proposals in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's fiscal cliff plan that would add to the deficit. "The bill would ...
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Upside Down Economics

Despite much better economy, networks blamed President Bush more than President Obama for financial troubles.  
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NYT's Calmes Defends Obama, Again Claims Obama-Care Will Cut Deficit

As usual, Times White House correspondent Jackie Calmes waved the deficit blame away from Obama, and clung to the dubious idea that Obama-care would actually reduce the deficit. "The fiscal ...
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'No Option but to Raise Taxes,' Say All the 'Budget Veterans' Selected by NYT's Jackie Calmes

New York Times White House reporter Jackie Calmes stacks her sources 5-1 in favor of raising taxes to close the deficit, and tries to nudge Congress into supporting them: "Tax increases were part ...
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Nothing to See: Only ABC Mentions the Hundreds of Billions ObamaCare Will Add to Deficit

NBC and CBS completely skipped a new report indicating that Barack Obama's health care law will add hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt. ABC's Good Morning America on Tuesday ...
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Jackie Calmes Potrays Obama as Inspiring Deficit Hawk in Epic Monday Front-Page Story

Jackie Calmes once again boosts Obama as a (secret) budget hawk: "...Mr. Obama has come to adopt most of the major tenets supported by a majority of the commission’s members, though his ...
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NYT's Calmes Again Excuses Obama for Broken Promise on Deficit Reduction, 'Dealt a Bad Hand'

Jackie Calmes on Washington Week defends Obama's broken promise on reducing the deficit: "You know, it’s probably the president made that promise in like February of 2009, just after taking ...

Romney's Tax-Cut Proposals Would 'Benefit the Wealthiest,' Widen the Deficit

"[Romney's] tax proposals...would largely cut taxes for the rich while driving down tax collections and widening the nation's deficit....Experts from across the spectrum acknowledge that the ...

CNN: Every 'Serious' Budget Expert Says 'Taxes Must Go Up'

CNN business correspondent Christine Romans claimed Monday that "any serious budget expert's analysis" concludes that taxes must increase. During CNN's coverage of President Obama's address ...

NYT Downplays Own Poll Showing More Think Spending Cuts Didn't Go Far Enough

The New York Times on Friday downplayed results in its own poll that found 44 percent of respondents think the cuts in the debt deal didn't go far enough, versus only 15 percent who said "too ...
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