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MediaWatch: December 1992

Networks Select One "Year of the Woman" Over Another; NewsBites: Clinton Tilt; Revolving Door: Too Randy; Post-Election Economic Numbers Embarrass Negative Media; Post-Election Gushing; Martin's ...

Notable Quotables - 01/06/1992

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MediaWatch: December 1991

"Civil Rights"; NewsBites: News Fools Tonight; Revolving Door: To Kennedy's Defense; Reporters Can't Resist Lumping Republicans With Nazis; Middle Class Mythology; DoonesBury's Pet Perjurer; ...

Notable Quotables - 01/21/1991

Notable Quotables - 01/07/1991

Notable Quotables - 12/10/1990

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MediaWatch: December 1990

Nader's Media Evaders; NewsBites: Closing the Book; Revolving Door: Acting Up; PBS Producers Recall Korea Through Northern Sights; Post Reporters Love Cuomo and Jackson, Dislike Dukakis; More Hot ...

Notable Quotables - 01/08/1990

Notable Quotables - 12/11/1989

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MediaWatch: December 1989

Reporting the War on FMLN Terms; NewsBites: Bias Realized; Revolving Door: Taking on a New Project; Renouncing the Reagan Decade; More Moyers; Janet Cooke Award: PBS: America's Century
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