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CNN Anchors Lobby on Behalf of Planned Parenthood; Hillary’s Abortion Defense = Her 'Best Day'

With the nation's largest abortion provider under fire for allegedly selling baby body parts for profit, CNN's on-air hosts lecture Republicans on the need to maintain the flow of taxpayer dollars ...
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Rejecting Liberal Moderators = “Suppressing a Free Media”

MSNBC froths over RNC Chairman Reince Preibus' suggestion that debates among Republican presidential candidates shouldn't be moderated by news organizations with an obvious pro-Democratic bias, ...
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Andrea Mitchell: If Republicans Know What's Good for Them, They'll Accept Biased Debates

While MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell admitted that the planned NBC biopic of Hillary Clinton was a "bad idea," on her Thursday 1 p.m. ET hour show she and her guests scolded Republicans for ...
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NBC Claims Romney 'Taking Positions He Has Not Taken Before' on Foreign Policy

In a continued effort to tag Mitt Romney with a flip-flopper label, on Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams proclaimed that Romney's performance in the final presidential debate ...
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NBC's Williams Wonders If Debate Was Romney's 'Etch-A-Sketch Moment'

Shortly following the conclusion of the final presidential debate Monday night, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams posed this question to Richard Haas of the Council on Foreign Relations: "I ...
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NYTimes TV Critic Alessandra Stanley Didn't See a Single GOP Win During Debate Season

New York Times television critic Alessandra Stanley implausibly found not a single victory for Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan in the four debates leading to the presidential election. Even the first ...
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NBC Grills Ryan on Romney's Qualifications; Invites Biden to Slam Romney on Same Topic

At the end of an interview with vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan on Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie parroted Democratic attacks on Mitt Romney's foreign policy credentials: ...
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ABC and CNN Declare ‘False’ What Krauthammer Touted as Romney’s ‘High Point’

“The high point of that debate for Romney is when he devastatingly leveled the charge of Obama going around the world on ‘an apology tour,’” Charles Krauthammer asserted on the Fox News ...
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Friedman Contends Benghazi Controversy ‘Utterly Contrived,’ Stephanopoulos Hails White House ‘Transparency’

New York Times foreign affairs columnist Tom Friedman, who three weeks ago derided Mitt Romney for how he “ if he learned his foreign policy at the International House of Pancakes,” on ...
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CNN's Yellin: Romney's 'Binder' Comments Sounded 'Almost Like' Women Are 'Mail-Order Product' Out of 'Binders'

Not 24 hours after Tuesday's presidential debate, CNN's Jessica Yellin was working the Obama spin on Mitt Romney's "binders full of women" comment. "You know, it made it sound almost like ...
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