Sloppy ABC Misleads on Estate Tax Being 'Slashed'; It Will Actually Increase 35 Percent

ABC's Jon Karl on Thursday offered misleading, sloppy reporting on a congressional tax deal, bizarrely suggesting that the proposal "slashes" the estate tax. In a follow-up piece, news anchor Juju ...

Times Cheers Schumer's 'Millionaire's Tax' Formula After Despising GOP's 'Death Tax'

Jennifer Steinhauer greets Sen. Chuck Schumer's tax-cut word games with approval. Yet the Times loathed what it considered the unfair and misleading Republican phrase "death tax" to describe the ...

AP: How Dare Steinbrenner Die in 2010

Less than 24 hours after baseball boss' death, newswire decries suspended estate tax, heirs' 'unexpected bonanza'

NY Times Dismayed Death Tax Didn't Hit Tycoon's Fortune

Media frustrated that 'accounting quirk' allows money to pass to children, grandchildren 'tax free'

Carl Hulse Hates GOP's Successful Demonization of the "Death Tax"

Congressional reporter Carl Hulse insisted that the "death tax" (always in quotes) "hits merely a sliver of wealthy American families" and was dismayed at how successful the conservative campaign ...
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