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Times Puts Photo of Romney's Tax Return in Lead Story Slot

More tax-hike propaganda in Wednesday's lead slot, conveniently matching President Obama's tax-the-rich campaign strategy. The Times took an obsessively detailed look at Mitt Romney's recently ...

Romney's Tax-Cut Proposals Would 'Benefit the Wealthiest,' Widen the Deficit

"[Romney's] tax proposals...would largely cut taxes for the rich while driving down tax collections and widening the nation's deficit....Experts from across the spectrum acknowledge that the ...

NYT Makes Romney's 15% Tax Rate a Loaded Lead Story, Ignores Context

By paragraph three the Times had characterized the candidate's remarks as "likely to cement Mr. Romney's place as an unwilling emblem of the intensifying national debate over taxation and income ...

Times Reporter Again Hails Warren Buffett, the Liberals' Favorite Billionaire Investor

David Kocieniewski takes advantage of the controversy over Mitt Romney's 15% tax rate to again push for higher rates on the rich.

Reporter Dubiously Claims Buffett Tax Hikes Would Raise Revenues, Falsely Claims Taxes at Historic Low

Wishful thinking by reporter David Kocieniewski: "But with the prospect of severe spending cuts and another round of bitter deficit negotiations in Washington, proposals like [Warren] Buffett's ...

Small Business Hit By Tax Hike on 'The Rich'? NYT Says It's Just a Myth

Reporter David Kocieniewski rejects "conservative advocacy" concerns that a tax hike would cripple small business" "Despite that emotional appeal, Internal Revenue Service statistics indicate that ...

Oh No! Rich Texan 'Allowed' to Give His Money to His Children Instead of IRS

David Kocieniewski writes: "A Texas pipeline tycoon who died two months ago may become the first American billionaire allowed to pass his fortune to his children and grandchildren tax-free."

Times Headline Defines Patriotism As Forking It Over to the I.R.S.

A retired federal employee reports a flaw in a tax-prep program that could have saved him money, and the Times honors him as a true patriot: Taxpayer Could Have Kept the $600, but He Put His ...
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