Obama Wins on Health Care! "Speech Marks Turning Point in Debate"

That was quick. Reporter David Herszenhorn claims victory for Obama-care as president debunks "wild accusations" of euthanasia: "President Obama's speech to Congress marked a clear turning-point ...

Dodd Cleared of Wrongdoing - Times Suddenly Remembers He's a Democrat

How convenient for the liberal senator from Connecticut.

Ah, So It's a Voluntary Tax!

House Democrats, seeking charitable contributions from the "wealthiest Americans" to pay for universal health care. But not really.

Disgraced Sen. Ensign Swiftly Identified as GOP, Disgraced Dems Not ID'd at All

The Times let us know by word four the Republican Party affiliation of Sen. John Ensign, who confessed to having an affair. By contrast, the paper has often failed to even mention the party ...

Sickly Rebuttals in Defense of Big-Government Medicine

Reporter David Herszenhorn tried to fact check conservative Sen. Mitch McConnell's attacks on socialized medicine, but came off looking pretty anemic.

Helpful Advice from the NYT to the New, Smaller GOP

After Sen. Specter's defection, the Times gives some no-doubt well-meant advice to the GOP: Avoid "ideological purity" and show more "flexibility" on both social and economic issues, or risk ...

Big-Spending Obama's Not Liberal, Just "Pragmatic"

Reporter Richard Stevenson claims the big-spending, tax-raising president is actually committed "to the most basic conservative tenets: the power of markets as an engine of innovation and ...

Rahm Emanuel's No Centrist

And is Barack Obama really "right-leaning" in comparison to anyone?

GOP Blamed for Failed Bailout Vote, Even Though 40% of Dems Opposed

Reporter Jackie Calmes: "...the House Republicans made the difference. Their mutiny captured just how much the Republican Party has changed from its 19th-century roots as the party of business and ...

Liberal Sen. Jack Reed, Hero of Homeowners and the Homeless

Fawning from Herszenhorn: "[Sen. Reed] is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, but his diminutive height - 5 feet 7 inches on a good day, he says - makes his Special ...
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