Quote of the Day: Harry Reid's Bling?

David Herszenhorn sees Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's outsized Democratic majority as "a chain around Mr. Reid's neck..."

Sen. Joe Lieberman 'Capitol Hill's Master Infuriator' for Obama-Care Stand

Lieberman's opposition to a Medicare buy-in proposal and single-payer has frustrated Democrats (and Times reporters).

Times Headline on McCain Criticizing Obama: 'The Crankiness of the Defeated'

Has the Times anger at Republicans for blocking Obama-care reduced them to making old-man jokes?

Times Watch Quotes of Note - 'Fiercely Conservative' Protesters Just Parroting Fox News

Read the latest edition of Times Watch Quotes of Note, including gems like this from Frank Rich: The same could be said of Beck, Palin and their acolytes. Though they constantly liken the ...

NYT: 'Angry,' 'Fiercely Conservative' Obama-Care Protesters Just Parroting Fox News

Reporter David Herszenhorn posted early Thursday afternoon on the paper's health care blog from an anti-Obama-care rally taking place on Capitol Hill. His unsympathetic description of the protest, ...

'Angry,' 'Fiercely Conservative' Obama-Care Protesters Just Parroting Fox News

It's a generally older crowd, many in their 50s and 60s, predominantly, white, and many self-identified as Christians. They are fiercely conservative and deeply skeptical of the government, many ...

An Empty 'Republican Trophy Case' for Obama Care

The overexcitable reporter David Herszenhorn is still seeing Obama triumphs on health care, including a purported "Republican chorus for health care" that's actually sounding some pretty flat notes.

Times Warns: Don't Trust GOP Claims of Obama-Care Tax Hikes

Adam Nagourney and David Herszenhorn's story contained a not-so-secret message: Don't trust the GOP when it accuses Obama-care of raising taxes, because they've misled you before on death panels ...

Times Health-Care "Refresher" Just Same Old Liberal Talking Points

David Herszenhorn accepts dubious liberal premises about how the cost of U.S. health care is "rising way too fast" and talks in soothing terms of "reductions to slow Medicare spending" (don't call ...

Times Leaves Out Dems Speech Suppression, but Touts Lefty Actor's Parody Ad

The Times' health care priorities revealed: A parody ad by liberal comedian Will Ferrell and left-wing MoveOn.org is considered newsworthy; suppression of free speech by the Obama administration ...
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